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  1. Its okay...its just that i have extra cash laying around and i can buy a high end desktop to support the games. Have to say before i couldnt play any of those game cuz my laptop would have easily overheat even when playing those eushully game so i couldnt even play those high end games. But even so i am not willing to throw away eroge since they have been with me for so long
  2. ok thanks...call me paranoid but its better for me to be safe since that intel cpu are the mainstream and i wouldnt want anything to go wrong when i buy an amd cpu
  3. i am going to build a desktop that would support those high end game that is currently need a lot of power to run on but at the same time i couldnt afford to not play my eroge on the desktop since this desktop is going to be purely for entertainment and games
  4. I am building a new desktop and now considering either to take amd cpu or intel cpu problem is now that i am not sure whether amd cpu support eroges. AMD cpu seems better since they have better clock speed and not to mention cheaper than Intel cpu. I just want to confirm that amd cpu would support eroge because i dont want to regret it later when i buy it
  5. I hope the admin already know this but the mediafire account for older games(wind,soul link,shikoku no sharnoth,) just got suspended. Hopefully the admin can reupload the visual novel again. May i also suggest getting torrent as a mirror link since torrent isnt monitored that much as file sharing servers.
  6. Well from what i geuss is that we can geuss nobu havent reached any part of the H-scenes of any visual novel he played but in due time, he will be one of us.
  7. played magical teacher and harem party but i got bored since it is ALL ABOUT THE H-scene...i forgotten how often harem party H-scene came up but for magical teacher it was like every 5-15min interval n i am only on the second chapter...i think the scenario writer wants us to fap to death
  8. Well for me i am waiting for Fate Hollow Antaraxia for so long and still waiting for it but for now i am really want to get my hands on Eroge H mo game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai since the character design is quite nice and above all Kisara is a tsundere. PS: Tsunderecon here
  9. For me i prefer a happy ending because if it is a sad ending it MUST HAVE a sequel. If not i will go on a non-stop cursing mode when i finish it. And since i only play visual novel at night, i would probably disturb the neighbourhood at 3-5am in the morning
  10. well for me i am hoping for flyable candy heart. Couldnt get enough of the original game, so many memorable scenes such as 1.Mayuri scene when she cry when see Shou lay down unconscious. 2.the time when Shou actually warped dimension in Sakurako route and couldnt find her anywhere but still believes in her existence. 3. When Suzuno actually covered up Shou from the rain while she is still invisible. 4. When Suzuno get back to her own time and surprisingly found that Shou was waiting for her. Those are a few of the most memorable scenes of all the visual novels that i played that made me cry.
  11. well for me the most annoying character for me is Chinami from Hoshizora no Memoria (probably because i got annoyed in her route way too much). At first chinami annoyance is quite cute but when enter her route the annoying reach to the limit where i feel the scenario writer just skip A LOT of flags and just get on to the H-scenes. I dont have anything against imouto character since i like Kirino from oreimo but when i face Chinami route, well lets just leave it at that since words cant describe how i feel when recalling her route.
  12. well my path to the road of visual novel started with fate/stay night(big fan of it) waited for the second season to come out which took ages...then i slowly get impatient and look for the story and then i found that it is based on a visual novel. First i was reluctant to play it since i was still hoping that the anime would come out soon then i gave up and play the visual novel instead and thats how i get hooked up on visual novel. PS:Constantly checking on tlwiki on the progress of fate hollow antaraxia everytime i went online
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