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  1. When you say game directory where would I look for it on computer to find Please explain as though I am 5 years old, if it is not a bother.
  2. tried downloading wuvorbis.dll and now I got a new message
  3. I want to play it but I keep getting this error message which you can see with this link: Can any one please help me (T_T) *crying* please message me to help.
  4. Can someone post it as a torrent
  5. Davidab931

    Koihime Musou

    can someone post this as a torrent plz
  6. Thanks for the welcome

  7. can someone post the english patch as torrents can't get to the download site
  8. Davidab931

    Flyable Heart

    Can someone post a torrent download for the game i can access the download site.
  9. Davidab931

    Little Busters!

    Thank you I saw the anime and thought the game would be hilarious
  10. Hey New Guy~~(*^▽^)/

  11. Davidab931

    Little Busters!

    Can someone plz add the torrent link Cannot connect to onther download site
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