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  1. I haven't played FSN because I hate NVL style games, and I only play eroge. I'm just not into non-h games, regardless of how shittily it's implemented. It's also why I haven't played any Key games, and with this, looks like I still won't be.
  2. God, this LB announcement really pisses me off. I know they don't technically owe anyone anything, but I've been holding off on playing LB for about 4 years now, waiting on the 18+ translation, then they just pull this all-ages bullshit. Fuck that. Could have just fucking played the base game. What a fucking joke.
  3. I'm part of the HRP dev team, also at AX this year. I can fill you guys in on the Sekai updates if you need me to. Though I think the transcript should cover most of it, haha.
  4. Finally a LB update! TLC for Saya and Kanata routes are done! It's not dead!
  5. Sekai Project has a new kickstarter up. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/the-human-reignition-project-an-english-visual-nov/
  6. I downloaded TH2XR from Sukebei, and the patch from EGD, and the game runs fine for the most part, but whenever the scene shifts (new character, location transition, etc), the mouse stops responding to clicks and the scene freezes. The game doesn't freeze itself though, the ctrl button will resume the dialogue or whatever, or moving the mouse outside the game and back in a few times fixes it, but it's an annoying issue and I'm wondering if there's a fix or if this is a common problem?
  7. Speaking of LB EX/ME, did Phlebas fall off the face of the Earth? He hasn't made a twitter post since October.
  8. Is LB Ecstasy still happening? I hope it's still happening.
  9. Yeah. He pretends to be a goody goody guy (I'm gonna save the world!) while going around fucking everything that moves. It's definitely not good storytelling, but that's not really the point of the game anyway.
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