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  1. Nie ma sprawy, to problem który rozwiązuje się i tak sam :p

  2. At the moment? None. I'm completely immersed in Kamidori.
  3. Dzięki za pomoc z questem ^^

  4. For me Deadbeat means the same as noob, so i choose not to do it.
  5. Alright i need little help with quest No.41 (Crayl's supplement). I made supplement and tried using it in battle while in soul forest, but i can't finish this quest anyway. Any hints?
  6. Well alright i played for six hours straight(yeah, the game is extremely addicting) and here are my thoughts. The basic gameplay consist of collecting materials, making things from them, and selling them in your shop. I can't say much about it since i just started playing, but i guess it's level could be somewhere around Koihime Musou level (propably better than Koihime). As I said earlier we don't get many RPGs translated, and if we're talking about gameplay level this one could compete even with Daibanchou and Sengoku Rance, so yes I really recomend playing it.
  7. Fourtyfour pages of worthless crap... How nice.
  8. Hmm i convinced some of my friends to play eroges but they played one or two games so i won't count them. Besides that I know two other guys who play in eroges but I don't really talk with them much.
  9. It depends on my mood, but I prefer pink and yellow.
  10. Kamidori Alchemy Meister discussion thread. Right so, I was patiently waiting for Deardrops translation, when i saw this news about english patch for some game. I thought "Meh it's propably crap anyway". And look how wrong i was. This game is from 2011 and it's a RPG. We don't get many RPG's translated so I am extremely happy to see this game translated. Well from what i saw on VNDB this game looks really nice, the graphics are nice,game is very long and i saw loli on some screens too(long live the lolis). Hmm for now i can't say anything more about this game, and I will propably write som
  11. Matou Zouken from FS/N Not really annoing but i reaaally hate him for what he did to a certain character. (Oh and he's annoing in fate/zero as well) And of course unfamous Sophie from Harem Party. I wouldn't touch her with a stick 400m long even if someone would pay for it.
  12. I will NEVER play gare, absolutely never, they are simply disgusting. I am barely even enduring normal gore, and a certain scene in Muv-luv Alternative was quite a shock for me. As for netorare and tentacles, i like tentacles and don't have anything against them, and netorare is for me something that i should avoid.
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