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  1. Hi Pj900, glad you enjoyed the demo! Our team is still hard at work, so don't worry
  2. I'm still around, just mostly quiet :)

  3. long time, friend.

  4. It has action. I actually quite liked the anime, bar a couple of episodes where it loses steam, it just could have been even better I suppose. I'm interested to see what the VN is about, but from what I've heard it's mostly just SoL so... eh. I thought the characters were fun enough in the anime, but I would have wanted more seriousness.
  5. For those interested, there is currently an Angel Beats translation ongoing! A sample of the work (the opening I believe) can be found , and the current translation spreadsheet is here which puts the progress at ~36% achieved over a 3-4 month period.
  6. My top four: 1. Little Busters -- Those feel trains. My favourite VN, and it has a FANTASTIC true route... that absolutely destroyed me. Only complaint is a couple of the earlier routes weren't as good, but you have Rin-chan which instantly makes it all worthwhile. Great story and funny SoL. Note that you might want to wait for the perfect TL'n and official release before playing this to get the best experience possible. The perfect version has new routes, content and an entirely new character. 2. Higurashi -- This is actually two parts, Higruashi no koro ni and Higurashi no koro ni Kai. Aw
  7. A new frontwing VN that will (eventually) be released in English FIRST. Interesting choice, I hope it works out. If it does we might get some newer VNs that are translated on or soon after release as opposed to just older games getting translations after the fact.
  8. For those interested, this is actually the third part. Sunrider First Arrival and Mask of Arcadius are the first and second parts, respectively, both available for free on steam under the Mask of Arcadius. Is this V2.00 release? V2 added an hour to an hour and a half worth of story to the end of the game making it a lot better.
  9. I'm not going to lie, I really had fun with KoiChoco. Let me say that it is far from perfect; Chisato can get on your nerves, one route in particular is especially underwhelming and I feel like they could have gone deeper with a few of the other routes that would have provided a more solid story. That said, for what it is, very fun. If you like SoL with a dash of drama, definitely recommended. Plus the art is a highlight, and its music repertoire (although a little limited) is quite good as well. If nothing else, just play it for Satsuki Best girl. You could always be a filthy pirate, see
  10. For those who haven't seen the Aokana update, apparently the whole 'TL and editing finished' thing was a bit of a fib. They're now aiming for an October release this year... which is pretty disappointing honestly. *Sigh*. I might get a good VN to read eventually...
  11. Edelweiss is actually one I've wanted to read for a while, so I voted for that. The other two aren't bad, but I hope Edelweiss is the winner .
  12. Shit that really sucks for the translators. I honestly can't imagine pouring so much effort and love into something for it to get thrown out. Hope something changes for them. Glad to see root double got its kickstarter . And Aokana.... Soon.
  13. Root double kickstarter on the 5th of January according to Sekai's twitter.
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