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  1. I ask the same. Why the download file is a pdf file?
  2. I asked him and apparently he merged his old torrents from old Nya and his new stuffs. Prob somehow, dunno how, took time and he had to remove his torrents for a while. Now his list is bigger and seem like he is planning to seed all his list. Again Thanks for everything InfernoPlex. Lets continue enjoying the girls and their stories.
  3. woah he returned, with all his torrents as well. I just asked whats up. Hope he can tell us.
  4. Nothing from him right? I guess all we can do is wait while we look for other sources. Maybe he took some vacations and locked his torrents? If thats posible. Dunno I am just thinking positive here.
  5. There is tons of loli eroge titles, but no in english who know why. Maybe some translators think it is too lewd.
  6. It doesnt make sense that was him. He posted shuffle 6h before I discovered he gone. And to erase a torrent, it would have to be one by one and he had quite a lot already. I might be wrong tho. That.....adress, doesnt seem like something easy to use. If someone could ask for us, would be nice to know.
  7. OK Thanks wish there was a way to ask to the mods in sukebei or someone else about him, to know if he was banned or what happened.
  8. Thanks a lot, it worked. Btw, what the patches are for?
  9. same as before, does not exist Sigh, I guess all we can do is wait he appear again or another uploader post it. Meh, there isnt anyone else with torrents like Superelmo tho...
  10. Shuffle! Its from Mangagamer so surely was 100% english already. wanted to try it when I saw the tag "only good endings" XD Really hope he return.
  11. same here, just when he posted something new I wanted to get. I dont think he was banned, because seem like the username is there, but all the torrents he had no exist anymore. I hope is some sort of mistake. If only he was active somewhere where we could find him easy, or at least ask to sukebei themselves. But none seem posible atm.
  12. All his stuffs dissapeared from sukebei anyone know what the hell happened?
  13. Anyone know if Eiyuu Senki Gold will be translated or if it was already?
  14. I been wondering about Eiyuu Senki Gold. If it gonna get translated or maybe people forgot about it already?
  15. GamefanPPG


    It work pretty well so far. Thanks a lot.
  16. GamefanPPG


    I cant download the english patch without a upgrade in that download site. Does the separate 200mb files have the patch inside already?
  17. For those who want to save your game file, you can do it pressing the P button in your keyboard. You might no need it tho, the game is kind of short.
  18. ohhh nice, where can I get it? also where get kancolle game too? I am a noob hehe Edit: ah, I just found to play Kancolle, you must have a japanese IP, and I dont know how to deal with tech stuffs and I dont want to mess with anything either. Oh well I guess I will wait it be in english one day.
  19. Wish I could play Kancolle, but no in japanese, I know nothing of the language. I also dont have a strong pc enough to play such heavy 3D games like that dynasty kingdom. Wonder if exist similar games like kancolle but in english of course. I tried sunrise academy but its hard with the stress limits and such. Might try it again another time, but looking for something else for now. Ehh... what is this Kingdom of Love and where I can find it? Tried google but didnt got good results.
  20. Hello I am looking for games to try and have fun. Some months ago I played Huniepop and I m looking for similar games like it. Date-sim or simulation games with lot of girls, similar like Fire Emblem or Kancolle. Hope I am explaining myself. Any suggestion?
  21. Hello to everyone. Not sure if is a good game or what, but seem interesting. The game is called "My Church" a church simulator of running a church-based inn for weary travelers – with the trying to avoid booking robbers and demons in disguise, though actual H-content may be unexpectedly light given the presence of monsters and nuns in the same building. Seem like is in english so maybe is a good game?
  22. I have a similar problem. My pc use window 7 " There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files. Do you want to continue? (CODE = 00) " I have a file to "replace" another file in window/system32 and give sound to the games, but is only for XP and no window 7. It will work in window 7 too or I will need another diferent file? I dont want to mess with this stuffs and damage my pc so that why I am asking first.
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