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  1. will i miss out much plotwise if i haven't played the first one?
  2. polo2005

    Bunny Black 2

    for real? do all fun gameplay games have to popup when u got other stuff that should prioritize :'(
  3. polo2005


    Is it possible to make the text instant? aka all dialogs and such are unsynced with the voice and appears instantly
  4. polo2005


    have you tested it yourself? or does it just say so in description?
  5. is the Eiyuu*Senki ps3 version all age or the 17/18+ version?
  6. Might be a stupid question, but what is the difference between the Realta Nua version and the old original version? Which one is best and why?
  7. whats the difference between the JAST version and the first one? better translation? thanks for the list btw! What i mean with being outside the loop is that i have'nt been actively playing VNs Been coming in now and then playing one or so.
  8. haven't been in the loop for a long time, any big releases i have missed the past 2 years that are a "must play"?
  9. out of curiosity, on what bases do you pick the "featured" VN cover for the update thread? translation progress?
  10. anyone that could link some screenies from Prism Ark? sitting on a phone and searching is being a bitch :'(
  11. is that so. Hope they complete it though edit: wow pretty impressed by myself, member since day one, still only manage to post 22 times
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