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  1. Ivan there's a problem in this one, when you open the game there's an error that says: "Sound Init Failed"
  2. That other one with the similar plot entitled "My Secret pets" have an error: Sound init failed. please help.
  3. Flat is Fab. or is it Justice?
  4. lachrymose


    This is a complete genre of. everything! This one is short tho, but worth the time. Mike Inel is also known for his works on Katawa Shojo, short animation like "Draw with me" "Missing Halloween" etc. He calls himself, alias "Manyakis".
  5. lachrymose

    Starry Sky: in Spring

    ivan is loved.
  6. That feelingh you get on the first part of the game when you thought that the Class Rep looks more like his childhood friend You have to get the first two routes before opening Kohaku's route. LOLI for the win!
  7. If you liked the first Bible Black. Here's some more! ntr ftw
  8. lachrymose

    Amnesia: Memories

    Anyone playing this game should also try "Dandelion".. it has a smaller size. Highly Recommended!
  9. lachrymose

    Enzai - Falsely Accused

    I never thought that this was originally a VN. The main character is like accused of committing a crime that he never did. Prison rape and extreme torture awaits him..dan dan dan. ugh. this is just too much but seriously, nice Plot. i agree, this would do even without the sex scenes but BAM reality fucks you hard. especially in that kind of situation. The protagonist just have to fuck his way out of it. (>..>)
  10. lachrymose

    Yosuga no Sora

    Is it just me or The Art. the concept. of Yosuga no sora is almost just like Homeward's?
  11. lachrymose

    Always Remember Me

    This is a Demo.
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