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  1. I like this show better than most of the "cute girls doing cute things" anime this season.
  2. Nowadays I tend to prefer GG. Followed by FFF and UTW. If all 3 of them are not subbing a certain show I'll go for Commie.
  3. The movie is not dropped. It could be next year or it could even be 2016 and beyond. Don't get your hopes up.
  4. Have been using this for almost 10 months.
  5. What is this stupid thread? 1. You say VNs with lolis are predictable and yet you didn't provide any reasonable proofs to back up your claim. Anyone can do that. I can say VNs with childhood friends as the main heroine are retarded and too predictable and just leave it at that. Am I wrong to claim that? I don't know but it's certainly not right either because I don't have any real points to back up my statement. 2. You said something about "lolis that protagonist "learn love" or learn how to fuck." The first thing I noticed was the bad grammar. You also said they made up about 80% of t
  6. From 2009 and before huh? Let's see... 2009 Bakemonogatari - Avoid if you don't like dialogue heavy anime Kanamemo - A standard cute girls doing cute things and the main character is a loli. Needless - A super hilarious shounen parody. It has cute girls, lolis, comedy, ecchi and also grown up girls. Saki - Anime about mahjong with yuri undertones. Or you can also say it's yuri with mahjong undertones. Area covered -cute girls, lolis, a little bit of comedy and ecchi. 2008 Ga-Rei:Zero - Certainly has cute girls but they're not exactly doing cute things. This is my favorite from 2008
  7. Thanks for all those suggestions. I think I will start with Rewrite and Sono Hanabira.
  8. This anime is about a Demon Lord who fled to the Earth and have to work at MgRonalds to support his life and also one of his demon general. Pretty fun show so far. 3 episodes already aired.
  9. Thanks will check those out. Will check it out. Also, I tried browsing the download page just now and found some titles that I'm interested at(I literally mean the title because I didn't bother reading the description) -Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 8: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome -Duel Savior -Magical Teacher: My Teacher’s a Mage? Are they any good?
  10. Haven't been to this forum or play an eroge for almost 1 year due to busy life. And of course my knowledge of VN is outdated now. I have much free time now so, any good VN that's translated in the past year(June 2012-April 2013) that I should know about and play?
  11. here's some I found in my folder...the Third Kyu one is my favorite
  12. but then how the hell are they going to put in a loli in the game??? so no,let's stick with 2D..
  13. THIS although I don't watch the anime I really cried when I read that part in the manga... other anime that managed to make me cry: Some part from Mirai Nikki mini-Ika story from Shinryaku Ika Musume otonashi's little sister story from Angel Beats
  14. did anyone mention Mirai Nikki?i think it got romance,psychological and fantasy
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