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  1. bellsprout

    Soukoku no Arterial

    Yay, another Eushully! This one was a headache to try and play with VNTL. Thank you for the upload!
  2. Was about to refer any Rance series or Monmusu but then I see the Female Protag...no then. Though I second what Pasa said, anything from Black Lilith might interest you.
  3. There is always the old tricks with text hooker and ATLAS, or maybe the newer VNTL tools, if you really need to play right now. Though I wonder if those tools still works on the newer games.
  4. Thank you, I'll refer to your post If I ever stuck again on the playing order, still haven't played it yet, nostalgia hit and I'm rerereplaying Kamidori, and some AoE2 campaign haha.
  5. Damn..I miss aroduc...thank you for the information though, still on 3rd new game+ on sengoku rance, though I don't recall ever playing Venus Blood's game, I'll check it out, thanks again!
  6. Hello~~ It was back before my ISP blocked the site. Back then, free VPN wasn't that good, haha. Figures I would just buy downloadani.me premium account and leech off all of Ivan's library, then I pretty much only visit the main download page...or sukebei.nyaa. And with VNs being much more accessible now, sometimes I would buy them off Steam, if I'm feeling generous (and had the money). With that said, glad to be here again.
  7. Is there any Eushully game being translated, by any chance?
  8. bellsprout

    Battle Heroine Crisis

    Im Dal Young art work?
  9. Dang, I survived scrolling to the bottom without reading anything haha. I played this one long time ago with maybe ATLAS or the vntl tools, I forgot, it has an enforced route path so to speak, I can't get to the 'main' heroine's route before other's. Kinda sapped my motivation for playing it... Though seeing this are translated now, is there any active tl on the fandisc? kinda interested on one, maybe two of the supporting characters...the maid and the one carrying a fan..I think.
  10. One thing for sure, I'm glad the forum was reworked, somehow my ISP didn't ban this one. No VPN needed, woooo
  11. Wiser words have never been spoken...
  12. Can't wait for next Rance release, though I wish they would release it on Steam too like Evenicle.
  13. hi.. thanks for the invite

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