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  1. One thing for sure, I'm glad the forum was reworked, somehow my ISP didn't ban this one. No VPN needed, woooo
  2. Wiser words have never been spoken...
  3. Can't wait for next Rance release, though I wish they would release it on Steam too like Evenicle.
  4. hi.. thanks for the invite

  5. thanks for greeting me

  6. ^ it will cost you a fortune....I canceled my order in the past...can't afford it, maybe I'll use some molotov cocktails instead..
  7. happy birthday!!

  8. ^ Hi there nobody!, I agree with you, every time I start a VN, always look for he Tsundere first! ah yeah, Welcome!
  9. ^ ummm, I like Elsie very much...she is my favorite one..I'm not reading TWGOK as much as I used to because she isn't there in current arc...
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