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  1. I extracted the game files, then using daemon tools to get the game exe. I could run the game, but it'll be in Japanese so I applied the english patch. I tried starting the game, that's when I get this pop up saying "gamexe.ini" with some japanese text and I get a perpetual black enlarged screen with my cursor. The game isn't unresponsive, it's just a black screen where I can move my cursor. At the moment I will try reinstalling the game and see how it goes from there. Edit: I downloaded and installed this game on my laptop one or two years ago and it worked fine. Now I want to finish it on
  2. Aww, the link you've given is broken, charlbeef... Seeing how this is NTR, I'm not sure if I still want to get this. Having mixed feelings and second thoughts about it, the art looks nice though.
  3. I thought the whole point of Eroge requests was to either get it translated in english or to get the game?
  4. Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia! I just came across this, but there's no english version ... That Date A Live Utopia visual novel too?
  5. Someone! Anyone! Please help me, I want to be able to read this in english. I am really hoping someone translated this VN to english, I like Gen Urobuchi's works.
  6. Pfffffft, my chinese is horrible... Damn, I've watched the hentai version(episodes) of it and I liked it, it didn't occur to me that it is from a visual novel game. Is it possible to get an english sub version instead?
  7. Please help me get this game!
  8. Damn, Steins Gate, I remember watching the anime of it when it come out quite recently. I have to say, I wasn't ready or prepared for the feels, they just hit me like a truck and there I was laying on the ground like a perfect roadkill. I didn't know Steins Gate came from a visual novel until lately, I recall telling myself that I wanted to go experience the visual novel but I didn't. That was because I did a half-assed attempt to get it, I was like a computer caveman, couldn't get stuff online without a direct download link.
  9. Holy fuck, torrent? That's unusual for me, I very rarely use torrent so I don't even know what to do xD. Edit : Wow, it sure has been a hell of a roller coaster ride learning about torrenting and how to do it "safely".
  10. I've tried to uninstall everything and reinstall, but when I click on uninstall, it says, "Invalid start mode: archive filename". Should I just manually delete everything or?
  11. After downloading and unzipping the stuff, I could run Shiny Days, but I couldn't successfully apply the patch. I did what it told me to do, open the cmd file in Shiny Day's folder and I did that. I installed Shiny Days in an external hard drive instead of my computer's built in one, that might be the cause of the problem. Or am I missing something? Edit : The cmd file says one or more require files is missing. I am not sure if I am applying the bug patch correctly, I unzipped it in Shiny Day's folder.
  12. Thank you for your speedy reply and I know about Clannad through watching its anime, but forgot about it somehow, thank you for recommending Clannad!
  13. Thanks Pasa! Edit : Also, a sin is something you can never atone for, that's what a true sin is. That was said by Ban from Nanatsu no Taizai, just felt like saying it when I saw your signature.
  14. Sincerely, thank you guys! I didn't expect to receive such a warm welcome, find that something to fill the void in my heart, I might have just found it. I've got a question to ask about Shiny Days though, from Sanahtlig's guide to install the patch file, I want to use the direct download link, but I don't know if it's safe to do so or not. Therefore, I am in a stalemate or a stand-still, I want to progress forward, but I am afraid.
  15. Hey, so you guys managed to install the patch using Sanahtlig's direct download link? Edit : I've gotten answered somewhere, thank you guys!
  16. I'm a total noob when it comes to installing visual novels, just thought I should point that out. I have recently saw a recent patch that restores the cut content in Shiny Days, but I am scared of viruses. The link is here - mega:///#!JkE3UD4B!Dy56VgqlpMZ9Ol8PAAc5wD-J7rAGsIa0NWsUt9ZAJ3M from Shiny Days restore patch released + Installation guide | Sanahtlig's Corner .Can someone please help me upload the patch file from the MEGA dl link to test for viruses? I would be very much delighted to have the cut content restored, but I am scared of viruses. Edit : So does anyone know if the patch fi
  17. Wow, you guys really blew me away with so many different visual novels. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised by all of your replies and here I thought nobody or little people would reply to this thread. Thanks for the recommendations guy, I've made a list with all of them in it and I will check all of them out thoroughly!
  18. Well, I haven't read enough visual novels to actually know what I want so I am just going to look through you guys' favourite visual novels. I think Katawa Shoujo's a good reference though, compelling story, engaging characters, the diverse routes and their endings. I really liked or even loved everything about Katawa Shoujo.
  19. I am new to visual novels and I would like to ask, what are your favourite visual novels. I would like to read other visual novels too, but there are simply just too many and I don't know where to start.
  20. Sorry for not saying this earlier but, i've already found out how to install and play the game and it works just fine. Thanks for the help tho! [ It's the thought that counts right? ] Edit : I downloaded daemon tools using the guide from the eroge download link, it told me to cancel out the extra stuff, which i did.
  21. This might be abit late, but i've figured how to get this visual novel up and running! Thanks for the help tho.
  22. I've gotten daemon tools lite 10.1 and i don't know how to use it in conjunction with the Grisaia.mds & Grisaia.mdf files so can someone help me ? EDIT : I've managed to find a solution in the earlier pages of this thread that helped me with the installation and the visual novel works but there isn't any sprites or gallery so is that normal ?
  23. I've got some problems with installing the Grisaia visual novel, after downloading everything including the english patch 1.1 and extracting the files using WinRAR, the files were Grisaia.mds and Grisaia.mdf. I thought the files were supposed to have atleast a single Grisaia.exe programme but there was none. I am new to here and i don't know how to post a picture properly because i've tried imgur but failed as the picture was a tiny box with an "X" in it covering everything. EDIT : Please help !
  24. Nearly forgot to mention but i am scared to change system locale to japan because i cannot understand japanese text and the visual novel i've downloaded became strange files after i extracted them, they were Grisaia.mdf & Grisaia.mds files instead of being .exe so what happens when i change my system locale to japan and why is the files so different from .exe? EDIT : I've used daemon tools and mounted the files but still cannot start the game,
  25. Hey i am not so sure how to do this stuff for my laptop [ Windows 8 ] because some of the aforementioned stuff just isn't there like advanced tab but i can find system locale and am able to change it to japan. Please Help!
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