• Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!

    Super situation adventure with full of perverted invention.

    "Today, from now on, we present "2nd Division of Science Club" here."

    Captain Black, he was expecting to be in charge of the newly-established Science Club, got mad for not getting that position.
    He secretly organized "Evil 2nd Division of Science Club".
    With his assistant Fuka Haruhara, they create super ultra hyper inventions and seek for revenge to the school!

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    1. Exsilon's Avatar
      Exsilon -
      from the description, may be this Nukige might be better than many of the ss titiles, if the comedy is really really good that is

      may be it my wishful thinkings, let wait and see
    1. Kirai Aizuren's Avatar
      Kirai Aizuren -
      and that "comedy rape" tag is something... xD
    1. Danisco's Avatar
      Danisco -
      ummm not bad
    1. jasonthe13's Avatar
      jasonthe13 -
      downloads fine...
    1. zokoxex's Avatar
      zokoxex -
      wow i couldn't keep a stupid grin off my face...never had that happen before.
    1. TheMkun's Avatar
      TheMkun -
      como consigo el codigo de activacion
    1. ultimecea's Avatar
      ultimecea -
      Quote Originally Posted by themkun View Post
      como consigo el codigo de activacion
      just use the damn crack >>>
    1. Arenna's Avatar
      Arenna -
      Has anyone tried it yet?
    1. Mechamonkey's Avatar
      Mechamonkey -
      What kind of Window does this use o-o. Is it compatible with Window 7? O_o
    1. desi's Avatar
      desi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mechamonkey View Post
      Is it compatible with Window 7? O_o
    1. Mechamonkey's Avatar
      Mechamonkey -
      Quote Originally Posted by desi View Post
      Then I kinda need help o-o. It's not functioning correctly.
    1. AnimePhreak's Avatar
      AnimePhreak -
      Uhmm. Can someone help me? I tried the Crack for this game, but this keeps popping up. " ?????? file://./c/users/computer/appdata/local/temp/rar$ex11.416/gamedata.xp3 ????". Then a blue window pops up. I'm confused! Need help!
    1. cambodiahacker's Avatar
      cambodiahacker -
      I download crack but i can't I open and it is nothing
    1. Macbaen's Avatar
      Macbaen -
      you have to switch your location to Japan. Don't worry though, you can still use English display for all the writing.
    1. tatsumi01's Avatar
      tatsumi01 -
      Gonna download this tom.
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