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  1. Finally...my neko lolis have arrived *giggles in triumph*
  2. oh goodie more Rance. Life needs more Rance....and lolis lots and lots of lolis
  3. whether its true or not, if fuwanovel people are translating it....expect machine translations.
  4. You are all traitors of the flat-chested tribe!!! Fight for loliconia!!!
  5. soon...my neko lolis will appease me.
  6. ...and this my dear children is a perfect example as to why you should avoid alcoholic beverages.
  7. hmm not sure if i ever made an intro post here. Well im Zoko, that is my name for the sole reason that my naming sense prevents me from attempting to think of a better one. i am XX years old and live right outside the gates of Loliconia where i wait for Avenger-sama to let me in ;-; My hobbies are manga, VN's, and video games; mainly jrpgs but nothing made in the last few years......im looking at you Neptunia. よろしくお願いします。...just pretend that is correct.
  8. "Lion's share of the game is thoroughly enjoyable" yeah lets just give that a 0.5 that makes sense
  9. This is made by Grandee, that makes it a SUPER NUKIGE
  10. i swear i dont remember Maman Kyoushitsu even being on the list....must have been distracted by my neko neko lolis
  11. don't worry guys, i got this. *boots up machine translator*
  12. the question is not "which is better?"; but "which has the most lolis?" ...and thus do you find happiness
  13. Who would even watch anything in less than 480p? Anything below that are just pixels.
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