• Thug Hero Party

    how did you end up in the world of eroge-thug-hero-party-jpg

    "Ryuujin" are the chosen few by a deity called "Ryuu". For the world and its people, Ryuujin have long battled a wicked lord.

    On a smaller scale, there is an unremarkable village in which Imos the Powerless lives peacefully. He, having a slight inferiority complex, passes the time with his little sister Tori, a playmate named Lotia (who is now a Ryuujin), his gentle scholar Crimina, and a tomboyish princess named Aina.

    The decision is made to vanquish the wicked lord once and for all. It's the top priority of all Ryuujin henceforth, including Lotia. Lotia reluctantly consents to sex with the hero of her party, Variges, because people from her village are hostages. Imos can only stand and watch this injustice take place...

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    1. Valloth's Avatar
      Valloth -
      To me....there is a thing called to much NTR... this...goes beyond that point, at least to me.
    1. Devspar_Zero's Avatar
      Devspar_Zero -
      So if I'm not reading it wrong...

      The protagonist has a girlfriend, girlfriend is a magical maiden, magical maiden has to have sex with hero to save the world, the hero is an asshole...

      Is this correct?
    1. charlbeef's Avatar
      charlbeef -
      let us embark on the journey to unhealable mental scardom
    1. God Knight's Avatar
      God Knight -
      Poor MC even though he gains the power to kill the bastard hero he isn't accept by girl he love. In the end even though he has kill the god and change the world, he still die anyway (True end).
      This story make me very angry (at least it have one good end but not with the main heroines). The MC had suffer from the beginning of the game. Even though he defeat the god and save the world, he didn't gain anything (no girls/fame/family) only death at the end. This MC is the most unfortunately among games I played.
      (if i can i really want to make a sequel of this game).
    1. Uky's Avatar
      Uky -

      Need moooreee ntr
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