• Gadget Trial

    Several decades have passed since the last world war. In the Far East, the Eastern Treaty Union – an allied body comprising of the islands in the region – are busy at work on Project ‘Next-E’, a plan for developing the next generation of mainstay multi-functional weapons of annihilation, or AEWs (Advanced Extripate Weapons) in the form of an accelerated biological computer known as the ‘E-Series’. Artificially created human-weapon hybrids, they represent the smallest army in history.

    Of the E-series, there exist two lines adjusted according to different philosophies: Type White and Type Black. The time now comes for their practical trials, with their ultimate adoption by the military at stake.
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    1. Danisco's Avatar
      Danisco -
      this game is good and challenging.
    1. Virsia's Avatar
      Virsia -
      this one is good turn based game, fun and can be considered time wasting since one scenario can take up to 3 hours
    1. Pasa's Avatar
      Pasa -
      Its a nice game
    1. darkness0109's Avatar
      darkness0109 -
      Great and so nostalgic, remind me of advance war on gba (but with voices acting and more fun)
    1. JackyMark's Avatar
      JackyMark -
      Is there any H-scene in this game?
    1. darkness0109's Avatar
      darkness0109 -
      Quote Originally Posted by JackyMark View Post
      Is there any H-scene in this game?
      no H-scene in it, plain tactical game