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  1. Aran

    Itsumama 2

    the files are missing
  2. Pasa

    You alive?

  3. Aran

    Sengoku Rance (MangaGamer)

    whats the difference between this and the other one other then this is official?
  4. scout version, gadget trial. basic outfit. one of the more useless units in the game for players
  5. Aran

    Lily Knight Saga

    it mentions a readme but i cant find it. where is it located?
  6. Aran

    Twins of the Pasture

    you can tell the quality of the game just from reading the opening XD also buttons were switched: when asked about the luxury melons the buttons were switched, click the bottom button to get them.
  7. Aran

    Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms

    is this text only combat or playable combat? and since its the 2nd part does the first one have text only combat?
  8. downloaded majikoi from this site, installed it and it ran fine. im not sure how you were having an issue so it might have been a corrupted file during the download.

  9. Aran

    Dark Elf

    well i assume kidnapping, blackmail, rape, various types of threats and/or torture leading to a lot of sex
  10. Aran

    Neko-nin exHeart

    i think it should be labeled as all ages because they have to start being indoctrinated into loving cat girls while they're still young.
  11. Aran

    Koiken Otome

    its legal depending on the nation you are downloading from and live in. some nation its only illegal to upload but downloading is fine.
  12. im voting for Ayakashibito since GA looked meh and Hanachirasu's style of text over all the shet annoys me like it does in any vn that does that. rah, add their EG links for lazy ppl
  13. Aran

    Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 2

    if anyone is having problems installing the game ask in the forums or in the shoutbox for help. i recently reinstalled this and it worked on windows 10
  14. Aran

    Do You Like Horny Bunnies?

    "from another site" 2 worked when i installed it but i couldnt get 1 to work before giving up and just playing the 2nd one
  15. I got the game working properly after installing all 3 disks included in the download. the game can and will run after the first one so you need to manually activate 2 and 3
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