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  1. not consider this as an eroge but since it been posted on the list i think i'll post it here, playing Fate/Extra for now while waiting my download for boob wars to finish.
  2. So welcome to lurker club jaeger, btw i've been here for long time and didnt even leave my scratch here, where is my manners....... well better too late than never. call me virsia, my real name just tweak my nickname little bit maybe you will find it, i'm an ER triage nurse, hobby used to be hardcore gamer but now just aiming for lightweight things, i'm from somewhere in asia.
  3. I would give them to try FSN since the anime are generally known in community and on air on animax also since it has lots of fans..... but then again since everyone got their own taste it might be difficult to limit to one vn to affect them all, actually i would ask them first what thing they like the most before suggesting anything.
  4. finished 2 followings i dunno if they can be called eroge but whatever 1 Battle Moon wars 2 Dustmania -Battle moon wars More or less a time consuming game the battle is bit challenging, but nothing hard really if you're looking for time consuming or getting tired with fapping allover the places I think this one might entertain you, about the graphics what can i say it's one of oldies so dont expect anything fancy although it's still has animation for skill and stuff, bgm are good and suitable i think i'll try and search for it. About the story I'm not gonna write anything, you ma
  5. basically i dont have primer source for anime but if you know what title you want to download i think several good free stuff usually come from torrent or if you wanna go for bit review/preview of it and surf lazily trough the list try animetake or minitheater but beware the link doesnt last long and usually deleted in a few months, when the worst happens just ask google about it. some people picky about the size but i prefer smaller as possible without destroying much of graphics due hard disk limit.
  6. i just like it the 1st time i try it, it's scary..... it's just like this: Download>play>"converted" and going viral
  7. will be much faster if i say what i hate than what i like. i don't like gay stuff (man vs man, yaoi or whatever you call it) friendship is ok but lovers no chance. i can eat yuri, guro, nukige, cult rape, domination, harem, tentacle and stuff (corpse party, x-change series, bible black series, discipline, pretty soldiers, dustmania (hard),etc) but i prefer gameplay (kamidori, castlefantasia, brave soul, rance, daibanchou, gadget trial, Eien no aselia, yumina the ethereal, etc) mostly time wasting title
  8. finished dengeki stryker. -well done on the artwork and CG, about story there is multiple chapters, there is very few choices available which is sad, but it has a potential. -it's not so hard to finish the story and got full CG and i think it's mild action genre (not much violence and blood splattering scene). -BGM overall are good OP and ED ost also fit. -you might find yourself laughing at first quarter of the story but tension will increase as you go deeper into story. overall rate it's good 71/100
  9. since got nothing to do atm, decided to play BMW, there is 2 MC but still in the middle of haruna's route, the artwork are pretty "rough", but what can i say it's old games i guess it's the best at it's time, story maybe bit confusing at first but so far it's "nice", about gameplay it's a turn based rpg, move the unit from one square to another attack and defending phase, join attacks or fusion attack, supporting offensive or defensive, train your unit and such. note: it's all age so there is no H scene, BGM great, using CE works, if using win 7 (like me) probably should change it's program
  10. well so much for an expectation but i think i'm going to just jump and dive. and hopefully didnt drown
  11. 1st time i play it i got my ass handed to me and of course i would say this one is EPIC!!!!!!
  12. this one can be put in same rack as bible black, maybe you can say you fight tyranny here, there is tons of H and i think the story kinda "crazy". maybe there is someone who love this, but i give this one just a "B+"
  13. Virsia

    Critical Point

    agreed with above comment, you will literally getting sucked up in the situation, this one telling you that usual boring day can turn out really messy, well thats life you'll never knew.... story are pretty interesting and realistic enough, and since i play this one really long time ago like 2000-2002 and still remembering it should proof enough that this one are really the game you shouldn't miss.
  14. Virsia

    Piece of Wonder

    since no one comenting, here goes nothing.... this one have decent gameplay, nice story, and pretty cool stuff. and please pay attention to "Teen" rating i think i give this one "B"
  15. Virsia

    Kotori Love Ex P

    mhmmmm....... well this one is sweet and so true love story. this one can give you mixed feeling when you play it. i think i give this one an "A"
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