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A direct response to the lolicon clubs, this group is for people who's favorite heroine type is the "childhood friend" - see poll: http://erogegames.com/eroge-visual-novels/eroge-general-talk/298-whats-your-favorite-type-heroine-eroge-8/#post3247
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  2. List down your fvorite childhood friend(s) in anime, manga, eroge etc.
  3. I dont. The closest I have of female childhood friend is my (male) Childhood friend's little sister who now somewhat close and talkative to me than my friend who I havent contact him for a long time. At the time of my youth we didnt talk like may be at all, but she said she sort of observe me playing with her nii-san at that time. Now aday it the reverse I never talk to her nii-san but talk to her instead. Ps. if she call me onii-chan I might risk turn into siscon for that lol *edit Oh I thinks I do have one who used to play snes with me but we no longer contact else other T_T I guess she
  4. Nope, but I wish. When I was long, I lived in a neighborhood where everyone else's religion was different from mine, so even though there were tons of kids around, I never had any friends in that neighborhood to hang out with. Then, I moved to a new school after 1st grade, so I lost contact with most of my old friends. Then from there on out I really never established any long lasting friendships with any girls I went to school with from there on out. I really do regret it So, that's why I constantly encourage my younger brother to pay attention to some of the girls in his class so that he mi
  5. The most I've got is a failed attempt at a childhood friend, because I haven't actually talked to her since we were kids. I hear about her now and again because our moms were best friends through highschool and college. Damn you, my seven year old self! Why didn't you make any moves back then!?
  6. I've still got a childhood friend, which who i actually got my first kiss with when i was 11. It was REALLY ackward seeing her again when i was 16 y old, because of that, but now we are good friends again.
  7. I have an old Childhood friend who I tried to get to join my "naked club" when I was like 6. She totally turned me down(She was probably 5), then my family moved away. 18 years later I find out she's married to a huge nerd almost exactly like me(And she's at least 10 times more beautiful than when we were kids). Jerks.
  8. That's what I was kind of wondering . Is anyone actually in a childhood friend plot at the moment...or do we just love the sentiment of having a relationship with a woman we have know for a long time. To answer my own question, I have a childhood friend that I am still in touch with...No, we are platonic in most ways..No moments and funny stories, we just hang out more than people who have known each other since primary school. Somehow, I am at a standpoint of whether this is the relation I'm looking for. Probably yes. I don't mind being her friend forever...I'm just not that sexually into her
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