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  1. A bold choice to choose a high-functioning autistic for a protagonist.
  2. Still confused. Where exactly are you living? In their dorm? And you're being forced through a router that doesn't allow some internet protocols? Again, are you at Bob Jones University or just a really shitty community college? I would rent an apartment near campus, but that's just me.
  3. Your college has a fucking firewall? Where do you go, Bob Jones University?
  4. Is Gang Rape Club considered sex-change? I think the route writers never coordinated the gender of their protagonist, so in some of the routes the protag is male and in others she's female.
  5. They sound like they were influenced by Mastodon. If you don't know Mastodon, you should.
  6. time immortal? Is there any other type of immortal?
  7. Okay, okay. Just one more. http://i.imgur.com/ti84mL7.jpg
  8. Another favorite http://i.imgur.com/EIldleK.jpg (source: greasy moose)
  9. For those of you who read webcomics, what are your favorite moments? Post pictures! http://i.imgur.com/mG10Kej.gif (source:smbc-comics.com
  10. Finally did it. One of these motherfuckers should be coming in the mail. http://img.deadformat.net.s3.amazonaws.com/release/l/4f301e1d625b5.jpg No clue what color I'll get though, if any :3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89STRv9_0Ys
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