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  1. Bah, it's 5$ out of my pocket with the discount, it's no biggie. It's fine if you want it, it'd be a good game to start using steam with. I sent a reply to your pm btw
  2. Well since sadly there are no takers due to money restraints, and frankly I'd hate to see a coupon for such a good game to go to waste, I figure I'll just gift the discounted game to whoever wants it then. First one who wants it then? Or perhaps we'll do a drawing if others want it? I don't know, whatever works I guess
  3. Title says it all lol. A friend gifted me the coupon not knowing that I already had the game and I just realized that it expires on the 30th (Not sure what time though D: ) so I figured that I might as well give it to anyone that wanted it. I don't want anything for it, just wanna get rid of it really, so post if you'd like to have it XP
  4. Did you play the open beta? I heard it was good.
  5. I was on since like 11 this morning, so if you did send me something, I didn't get it D:
  6. Summoner's name: Soldier of Faith (Hurr Derp, so no one will ever know who I am) Ehh.... just started the other day, but I'm Level 6 and I've played a few PvP games and was able to win thankfully. At first was using Annie playing mid and bot, but now I've switched to Ahri and just hold top/harrass other players when nessacary.
  7. I like loli as next as the new guy (which judging by this thread is alot lol), I just hate how wishy-washy the US is about the issue. In certain instances it's legal and in others it's now, it worries and confuses me so much sometimes >. Back to Topic: Yeah, I'd say about 3 or 4 four people know I do, but they're cool with it since they're into eroge and anime too. Perv + Perv = acceptance I guess.
  8. Rusty Hearts maybe? Haven't played it myself, but the graphics look nice, free to play (As far as I know....), and I believe it has both hack-and-slash along with RPG elements. Maybe not your type of thing, but it popped into my head when looking at your games. Also played Mabinogi for a week or two before, liked it alot, but I just don't have the time (nor money) for it D:
  9. Awww, I was hoping that maybe we could get a handful of people to do something like this together:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJxAdF0a4OY&feature=related I've tried this alone and seen a few videos of it, and it looks pretty damn fun and creepy. And come on, everyone loves zombies
  10. Just wondering if anyone here plays or has played. I've been trying out the free version and I'm liking what I'm seeing, so any input from anyone who has the full game would be appreciated.
  11. Hoping for a little game called "Triptych" by Alcot I beleive. All I know is that the CG's look very nice, and it has a loli and gothic lolita theme which I'm a big fan of. Anyone else hear of this game?
  12. Blonde/Yellow, because they make up some of the best tsundere's out there
  13. No problem buddy, just glad that you're enjoying it honestly I haven't had too much time lately to play my games, so it's good that you'll get a lot of fun out of it.
  14. Was playing that mod for Red Orchestra 2 called Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45. It isn't any triple A title, but there was alot of work put into model design, weapon design, map design, etc. I liked the gameplay, but they need to either reduce the size of maps or include larger amount of players per map. I played on a map based on a field area in Holland and spent 20 minutes running towards the enemy controlled objective with no sight of friendlies or enemies, and it was a 25 v 25 match ._. I like, but needs tweaks
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