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    Alternative setting to Da Capo staging Kotori Shirakawa as the main heroine, with a completely rewritten scenario.

    The scene takes place after the graduation ceremony. After being crowned at the school beauty contest, Kotori confesses to Jun'ichi, or rather, she intends to. At that time, something happens to Nemu...

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      StÓr -
      I always liked her the most
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      Zaig -
      Because Kotori is just that awesome.
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      OneManArmy -
      I played this game last christmas and also wrote a little review which I'll post here. I didn't use any spoilers, at least in my opinion, so even if you didn't finish that fandisc until now...whatever, just read it if you're interested.


      So yeah since nobody wrote a review...let's stop this boring introduction. I finished the game some minutes ago and it was surprisingly enjoyable but also kind of disappointing. Just to say it. I'm not a kotori fanboy so I'll probably say things fuckin directly because there's no kotori bonus for me. I played the visual novel nevertheless know, it was christmas time and I remembered that the fandisc contains a christmas story (there are actually two). Anyway, here are the different stories which were packed into that kotori fandisc thingy.

      1.Da Capo Plus Communication
      On Hatsune Island, the cherry blossom trees remain in bloom all year round. One day, Asakura Jun'ichi, who has the power to create Japanese sweets out of his hand and to see other people's dream against his will, is lured by a beautiful singing voice in the park that leads him to Shirakawa Kotori. She is like an idol at Kazami Academy, which Jun'ichi also attends, and spurred on by their chance encounter, they quickly become good friends. Kotori is cute, a good singer, kind to everyone, and the number one girl that the guys want as a girl friend. How will Jun'ichi's school life change, with such a popular girl at his side? And what is the secret of the everlasting cherry blossom tree, not to mention the secret that Kotori keeps from everybody, including you...?

      2.Da Capo White Season
      It's Kotori and Jun'ichi's first winter together. They relationship is going well, and they pay a visit to their ex-teacher, Kotori's older sister Koyomi in the hospital. After seeing Koyomi's maternal manner with her newborn baby, the pair imagine what their future would be like. They begin discussing how they would raise their own child, but stemming from a slight difference in technique, they end up having a fight. Just when things are at their tensest, a lost girl called Hina appears in front of the pair. They stop fighting to look for her parents, but for some reason, Hina calls Kotori and Jun'ichi her mommy and daddy. Although confused, the duo continue to look for her parents, but...

      3.Da Capo After Season
      A year has passed since Kotori and Jun'ichi have started dating. As they discuss their plans for the upcoming spring break, they witness their friend Tomo-chan alone with a guy. Has she finally find a boyfriend as well!? She's never told them about anything like that, but Kotori decides to train Tomo-chan by sending her on a mock date with Jun'ichi. While Tomo-chan accepts the proposal and they all go to the amusement park together, Kotori gradually starts feeling irritated as the day goes on...

      4.Circus Disk Christmas Days
      Kotori and Jun'ichi's second Christmas together. Kotori has been looking forward to Christmas this year, but no matter what she tells him, Jun'ichi has been absent minded and absent in general for the past few days - It doesn't look like he's interested in Christmas at all. Kotori is worried that he's lost interest in her, and she asks her friends for advice. Meanwhile, Jun'ichi has been secretly making numerous preparations to ensure this is Kotori's best Christmas ever. However, Suginami seems to have something unfortunate lurking up his sleeve for the couple... Will the two of them be able to greet Christmas safely?

      5.Da Capo IF (Innocent Finale)
      An alternative path to Kotori and Jun'ichi's relationship. Kotori and Jun'ichi already knew how they felt about each other. However, the moment Kotori tried to announce her love to Jun'ichi at the school beauty pageant, Nemu collapsed in the audience. Since Nemu was physically frail from the start, her condition continued deteriorating to the point where Jun'ichi dropped out of school to care for her. When the everlasting cherry blossom tree dies, a dark cloud prevails over Kotori's heart. Jun'ichi is able to poke through that cloud with his feeling towards her, but something terrible happens to Nemu. As Jun'ichi struggles through tragedy, Kotori faces a family crisis of her own. What will happen to Kotori and Jun'ichi......?

      6.Da Capo IF (Innocent Finale) EXTRA
      Da Capo is full of memorable characters: Asakura Nemu, Shirakawa Kotori, Suginami, Mikkun, Tomo-chan, Kudou... For all the characters who aren't in the main storyline this time, their stories are here. Past memories, friendship, promises, and hidden feelings await as their stories are revealed by unlocking a secret path in Da Capo Innocent Finale. The door leading to the various stories of Da Capo now opens.

      7.Kotori Love ExP
      Kotori and Jun'ichi have finally gotten married. The two of them are having a romantic, yet erotic life as newlyweds, but the question on everyone's minds are when the pair are going to start having children. Kotori and Jun'ichi both want a child, but because they weren't emotionally ready, they couldn't tell each other that. Help arrives in the form of babysitting Koyomi's daughter Chiaki and learning how raising a child really is, along with a few not-so-innocent prompts by their friends, Mikkun, Tomo-chan, and Miharu... As the pair remember Hina, Jun'ichi is being tempted to cheat with the promise of no strings attached sex with a new girl. What kind of future awaits the couple?

      After you survived that boring wall of text above, which I just copied from mangagamer (copy and paste ftw), here's finally my review. I wrote to every story an extra review because there's no way I could do an 'all in all review'. I'll also try to not use any real spoilers so that people can read my review and get a feeling what this visual novel's about without getting spoiled. Whatever...

      1. It's in short a kotori only version of da capo plus cummincation. Sadly I didn't know this before and so I wanted to play another route...which wasn't obviously possible. If you are interested, it was that shrine maid which I found somewhat cute. So yeah like I said, you can read some scenes of other heroines too but you won't be able to play their routes, which sucks pretty hard but that's also understandable. Anyway, it's actually the same story like in the normal da capo game besides some new characters and scenes. I guess the whole thing is mainly there to give people who didn't read the da capo game the fundament for understanding the other stories...cpt obvious is back. I personally found it rather boring but on the other hand, I already read her story so that's probably the reason for it.

      2.&4. Like I said before, I wanted to play a visual novel featuring christmas because it was christmas eve. So I started to play them and what the hell? There wasn't any christmas feeling or atmosphere at all. It was just a big fail. It's like eating an awesome looking cookie which tastes like nothing. The beginning of 2. was kind of nice though and I hoped for a sweet and short story but nope, the world's cruel. It was just boring and not christmas related besides the date.

      3. What can I say? There were two or three good scenes (at least something) but the rest...well...I mean what can you expect from the story description? It was obviously about kotori getting jaelous.

      5. And here comes the big suprise! This story was actually pretty good. Yeah honestly, I'm not lying. The first part was just boring stuff but then some serious shit happened to nemu and because of that the story changed into something good. Then there was some decent stuff mainly featuring kotori, again, which's fine because it's a kotori fandisc. So yeah, up to that point some stuff happened but nothing really interesting. But then! Near the end (at 75%-80% of the story) the visual novel turned into something damn mind fucking. I won't say anything more. You know, spoiling's shit. Well, there was a huge problem though. The story quality went up to 80/100 but then there was a cut and...damn, why? I mean the whole thing had a huge potential but it ended in the most stupid way ever. Afterwards I realized, through a walktrough, that I didn't played the real end. So I was dumb enough to think the real route would end in the way I wanted it. It was obviously even worse. I may wrote mainly negativ things but that story was allright and you'll probably enjoy it even if you aren't a kotori fanboy. And hey, nemu was finally good for something.

      6. You can unlock those little stories through chosing the right options in the da capo kotori version and innocent finale. Well they're short and mostly there because...I don't know to be honest. Anyway, they're okay and had some side informations about different things so I can't say anything. I guess they're just there. Ah and I wasn't able to unlock all of them...I don't care anyway.

      7. Sex. This story was mainly about sex. Blablabla and sex. They have nearly every day sex and fuck, if being married means to have every day sex...I never want to be a husband. Sometimes even heroes are exhausted right? Like mangagamer wrote there's a new girl in the city and...mabye that's a spoiler but I guess you are smart enough to figure out the can cheat on kotori. And yeah I did that. Sorry kotori but I wanted at least some drama because nothing happened. But again nope. Even after being an asshole nothing happened. The whole thing was only there for some h's. And even if you don't betray kotori...boring.

      So what can I say to end my dumb review? I don't regret playing kotori love exp but it wasn't something great either. It's good to spend some time on especially if you like kotori. If you want to play the game then definitely go for the innocent finale thingy. It was the best story of the whole fandisc but sadly missed out its huge potential. There was another thing I realized. Kotori was in each story another kotori. I had sometimes the feeling that there was just a girl who looked like kotori because she acted totally different then she's supposed to. That wasn't always a bad thing though.

      And just for all the haters. This is MY review and so obviously MY opinion. You are free to see things in a completely different light.


      With this said, OneManArmy over and out...crzzz....
    1. Zaig's Avatar
      Zaig -
      ^ Ironically, even though I have Kotori Love ExP, I've played all of the stories included in it EXCEPT the Kotori Love ExP one. Doesn't sound like I missed anything. ^
    1. OneManArmy's Avatar
      OneManArmy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zaig View Post
      ^ Ironically, even though I have Kotori Love ExP, I've played all of the stories included in it EXCEPT the Kotori Love ExP one. Doesn't sound like I missed anything. ^
      Well like I said before, that one route was pretty good. But yeah, the rest's mainly something for kotori fans.
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      Marco -
      the game was nice but the choose of a few question where when you know about the story a little bit horribil ^^
      Does everbody know how to get the extra scenes ?
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      pramit -
      Kotori Love Ex P | Eroge Download
      contains everything(not on this page), this here is the all ages version of IF
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