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Mamatoto ~a record of war~

  • Language: English


You are the prince of Mamatoto. You go out and conquer other nations in order to conquer the world.


There is stability/stalemate, so none of the nations can actually take over the world because if they start a war with another country, a third one might have an advantage. Mamatoto is different it has zero territory to worry about. The problem is, it doesn't have much of a population either. So you don't really have an army, thus for many years, Mamatoto, the moving fortress, has been hiding in the monster lands.


You, Nanasu, who has studied magic really hard has recently invented magic to create these magical soldiers. These soldiers are made via cards which you can obtain via battles. So the more battles you fight, the more cards you collect, and the more troops you have in reserve. So now, Mamatoto, the fastest moving fortress in the world, started its move to conquer the world. Mamatoto's goal isn't to get territory - it's to take out governments.


Mamatoto.rar - 133.0 MB



1. Change locale to Japanese.

2. Extract the archive.

3. Run _inmm238/_inmmcnf.exe (Required for sound to work.)

4. Start the game with System39.exe

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Clarification: I first noted this game on 2/4/15 and there were no earlier posts to indicate the game showed up earlier.

"official" post date is 3rd February 2015 10:29PM server time (GMT).

You two live 5 timezones away from each other, hence the date change.


I'm having an error as well but what might the solution you found be?

Kinda hard to suggest a solution if you don't post the error you're getting...

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I'm having an error as well but what might the solution you found be?


It seemed like it dident have all the files so i downloaded the game from another site wich turned out to need a file that the one from here got so i did just throw them together and it worked :)

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Thank you very much for uploading such an awesome game :) Thank you very much, Ivan.

I really like this game, it has nice plot and characters, too bad those weren't really developed, probably because it's a 1999 game. I really like the main protagonist, no sexual-drive, kind, smart etc. It's kinda hard to find such a protagonist on another eroge games c:

By the way, can anyone recommend me another games like this? ^_^

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