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Sakura Fantasy - Chapter 1

  • Language: English


Sakura Fantasy is an exciting visual novel fantasy adventure where you decide the development of the story by the choices you make.


It is the tale of an aspiring novice who wishes to aim to become a knight. Her life suddenly changes when she meets the mysterious empress and a burning star falls from the heavens.


SakuraFantasyAdult.rar - 227.6 MB


SakuraFantasyAdult.part1.rar - 200.0 MB

SakuraFantasyAdult.part2.rar - 27.6 MB


Sakura Fantasy HCG

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    • The famous “Alecia,” known as a strong and beautiful swordswoman in the town, was living happily with her husband “Roy” while fulfilling her role in maintaining the town’s peace and safety.
      One day, when Alecia heard that her husband was considering helping a former colleague with a hunting job, she offered to take his place.
      The person who appeared at the meeting place turned out to be “Edgar,” a frivolous and superficial man who was once her subordinate. Although she internally did not want to get involved with him, she decided to just get it over with since it was a one-time job.
      However, Alecia hadn’t noticed the wicked heat in Edgar’s eyes as he looked at her―
    • King knew prophecy about extreme disaster, the king asked men's to be a solder to prevent the disaster
      However he was not able to find a true solder among applicants
      He chose gratin and parsley because they stated until the last
      The king gave them a mission to avoid the disaster and big money for the mission

      The two were chosen to be a brave solder but
      parsley who is responsible invest the city near castle, called Frankfurt to accomplish the mission
      gratin got money from king and run away

      parsley found the suspected source of extreme disaster
      Parsley went back to the castle with gratin to told that we will destroy the source

      When they went, a man was begging the king to find his son's couple in forest
      The king realized that many cased of abduction happened recently.

      Parsley went to the forest with Gratin to resolve the missing case

      They didn't know they were involved in a big fight
    • A world where humans, magic, and magic coexist.
      Sakihime was originally a human, but one day she became a succubus.
      Because there is a wide social recognition that inma is lewd and vulgar,
      Sakihime’s job offer at the company she had been offered to was canceled, and she began to live a difficult life.
      Sakihime finally got a job as an inma at “Inma Daiichi Sangyo” and started working.
      Her joy at finding a job is short-lived.
      When she can’t meet her quota, she faces a hellish working environment.
      Are you going to be forcibly dispatched to an “external sales office”!?!?!?!?
    • A world where the “primordial monster” that created monsters was destroyed. But the damage caused by the remnants of the monsters continued. Eury, who became a new cyborg girl, was sent to the notorious “Tengen Street” for her first solo mission. Can Eury accomplish her mission? She is tainted by the men of the city, but mistaken for a “new type of sexaroid”. Because of that, Eury, who visited the city for her mission, found that sexaroids for improving public order were widespread in Tengen Street.
    • Young female knight Reisha of the royal capital Near Lake was lamenting.
      The sudden death of the former king had caused political turmoil, the current reigning princess who succeeded the throne lacked convincing authority, the rapid increase of monster nests threatening the royal capital’s territory, and her own immaturity as a knight, which was not enough to serve the motherland she had sworn loyalty to.
      Amidst such chaos, an order was bestowed upon Reisha by the king.
      It was a quest to search for the now lost holy sword “Sword of Dawn,” passed down in the legends of the royal capital──.

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