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Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji

  • Language: English


"Is there something you want to leave behind for your loved one?"


A young boy and girl lived in a small seaside town. One day, the boy invited the girl to the sea to convey his feelings to her. However, she lost her life in an unforeseen accident. Months and years later, the boy continues to live in the place where his memories with her remain. He can't forget her, yet he must.


Our protagonist, Amamiya Makoto, spends a peaceful everyday life with his younger sister, Shizuku. One day, he meets a mysterious girl, Kohaku, who has deep blue eyes and carries a giant scythe. "Can you see me?" she asks. None of the people around him notice her. "Oh. You'll die very soon, then."


She is a shinigami.

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Can someone explain me how to install this game? I install japanese language for windows 8 but I can't install this game, it's always stuck at 1% and then it's returns at the previous step... Please help me.


Thank you for reading

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is it a dream? or did the shimagami go all time travel on us and chance the past because she regretted the suffering she caused and wanted to make up for it. on the plus side you dont need a walkthrough for this because of how simple it is.

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Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji English Patch error


It say


the game does not seem to installed in that folder. please select the correct folder.




you must enter a full path with drive letter


How can i fix it ?

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I've only played Shizuku's route and I have to say that this is enough for me , didn't really care about any other characters from the get go anyway :) .

What surprised me in all this is that on vndb says that this might take from 10 to 30 hours to finish in which is a load of time if one route could be finished in a couple of hours ... If I were to compare it with another VN ( Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo for Ex ) that might take the same amount of time ( from what those guys say anyway ) it is damn ridiculous , because the latter will take a lot more time to finish .


There are two things that I learned while I played this :

1) Little Sister + Tsundere will never get old for me .

2) Vndb should make another category for VN lenght .

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That feelingh you get on the first part of the game when you thought that the Class Rep looks more like his childhood friend


You have to get the first two routes before opening Kohaku's route. LOLI for the win!

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