• Dustmania Grotesque

    This Eroge is too goddamn hard!Is there a trainer for this?-dustmania-grotesque-jpg

    A female scientist is kidnapped by her former collegue, who decides to carry out experiments related to immortality medicine on her.

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    1. Grimsha's Avatar
      Grimsha -
      I think i will give this one a miss.
    1. iLoveTsundere's Avatar
      iLoveTsundere -
      This is a great guro VN. Recommeded for any and all gore/guro enthusiasts!
    1. ale137's Avatar
      ale137 -
      second pic
      thats a very literal meaning of mind fuck
    1. ButtCrusader's Avatar
      ButtCrusader -
      brb. *barfs*
    1. TalismanTwelve's Avatar
      TalismanTwelve -
      jesus, i remember trying dustmania going in blind. Shut that shit at the speed of sanic.

      Kara no Shoujo was more my style in what I could handle in guro, but this is just grotesque.
    1. Gerard the Lone Wolf's Avatar
      Gerard the Lone Wolf -
      This shit is awesome. nuff said.
    1. Another Thing's Avatar
      Another Thing -
      aha this lady actually got her brain fucked
    1. Eliitti's Avatar
      Eliitti -
      Ewww WTF and I thought I had seen the worst already
    1. lucifer193's Avatar
      lucifer193 -
      Damn...Somehow...a part of me tells me to read this shit...
      and the other part just tell me "You'll regret it..."
      I'm still hesitating...
    1. usamiharu's Avatar
      usamiharu -
      This VN is already beyond Gore.... even i like gore games i will never play this VN XD
    1. Shandris's Avatar
      Shandris -
      I made account to express my gratitude for sharing this VN. I love gore stuff but this one even moved me. Had so much fun reading this, arigatou.

      P.S I've just finished playing this one, so I might have written something weird
    1. Pasa's Avatar
      Pasa -
      I think i pass on this one
    1. Shandris's Avatar
      Shandris -
      Actually I have to correct my earlier post, only one scene moved me and I admit it was really good. But other than that it's just boring rape games.
    1. Neroclone's Avatar
      Neroclone -
      i still don't know what's a guro or nukige
    1. lachrymose's Avatar
      lachrymose -
      ...once i play this vn, i will have to say goodbye to my innocence
    1. AA_794's Avatar
      AA_794 -
    1. JackyMark's Avatar
      JackyMark -
      daheck with those CGs, ill pass this, sorry...
    1. thaguarrero's Avatar
      thaguarrero -
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