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  1. what vn is your sig from?

  2. after higurashi , im conflicted. either 12riven or I/O , or i might just go ahead with mahoyo. too bad higanbana keeps getting delayed.
  3. finished higurashi answer arcs. now to choose the next VN to read...
  4. please use spoiler tags on your whole post. type [.spoiler](your post here , without parenthesis)[./spoiler] (without the dots on the brackets)
  5. how does it damage the story plot wise though? they had sex and thats pretty much it , unless they discuss plot or foreshadow stuff during h-scenes but thats pretty slim-to-none occasions. you are wrong when saying it "damages" the story in any way because it doesnt if only the H-scenes with "OOOOHHH AHHHHHH KIMOCHIIII IKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" are taken out.
  6. all of my wut just how does ripping out H scenes affect plot except in extreme rarity examples? (such as subahibi) if you mean how moenovel ripped not only the H scenes but all mentioning of dirty jokes and sex innuendo dialogues off If My Heart Had Wings , then i fully agree , but definitely not on just H scenes , 98.9% of them consist only in fanservicing and they advance nothing to the plot.
  7. yea its not really moege. theres 2 things i dont get about Shinikiss : to keep this on topic , im about to read higurashi kai arcs after having read the question arcs.
  8. you forgot to add "and that is why i rate shinikiss a 9/10" as a finisher line.
  9. higurashi kai , eventually. if i can be bothered.
  10. iLoveTsundere

    Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

    6 more months or so and full patch will be out. probably. maybe. wonderful.
  11. it is really good , the amount of random encounters in it is staggering , not to mention everything belongs to Rance because he is Rance. Gahahaha!
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