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Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou problems

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1st: no one who tried the fix had any success, only more questions(I even read from russian comments).

2nd: I've already said it's about the pop up issue that everyone is having(the whole thread speaks about it, did you need to ask me?)

3rd: I've tried full localization, AppLocale, clean installation, etc etc the pop up will keep showing up. Windows doesn't matter unless I try to run this on Win 98 and below.

4th: I've tried both the clean installation(from a 1.3 GB .ISO file as torrent), and the prepatched here, it just won't work(pop up will keep showing up).

5th: few people seems to know that the japanese error display tells about a corrupt/bad installation. I truly believe it's due people are using the 1.3 GB, prepatched or not(the prepatched ver. here was created from the corrupted/incomplete one), instead the full original installer found as 4.20 GBs which torrent is now dead.

6th: I won't get anything useful from you or your personality, really.


well there's a long shot method against all this errors

which i kinda did it accidentally

i own the raw version of the game and cleared it long ago

and when this patch comes, i just install it over my raw versions

and i dont have any errors like you all claimed

i am using the original installer >.>


and windows does matters between running in shitty windows and the better ones


and for your last comment, complaining while shooting down others without even consulting doesnt helps at all

you should mind your attitude not mine

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So I was still having the yes/no error after following the crossed out lines.


I changed my PC non-unicode language to Japanese and the error went away. Hope this helps.


Yes, just changing non-unicode language to Japanese worked for me.


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