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I'm late, sorry... Happy Valentine's Day anyway! :o

Until a short time ago I've always considered the Valentine's Day a sort of "shopping festival"...

Unfortunately, it's almost always the case...


Recently, out of curiosity, I looked for some information on the life of this Saint and I was moved by an anecdote about Him. :(


A true utsuge.


Valentine, at that time bishop of Terni (Italy), united in marriage a young Christian girl named Serapia and the pagan Roman centurion Sabino: at first their love was hampered by her parents but, overcome their opposition, it was discovered that the young woman was seriously ill.

Then the desperate centurion asked Valentine to come to the bedside of the dying young woman and asked him never to be separated from his beloved.

The holy bishop baptized him and then united Sabino in marriage to Serapia, after which they both died... together forever in their absolute Love...


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well,i spent my valentine's day in a rather interesting fashion.


lets start with my breakfast which was tea, i then went off to work.my ex GF works in a cubicle next to me,my other ex-ex-gf works nearby as well.

i walked into my cubicle by saying hi to both and awkwardly walking in a straight line,staring at the horizon while trying not to make eye contact.

i kept saying to myself " medusa on the right, johan on the left, DO NOT LOOK"


i admit,i fapped to my ex GF that night.


i then spent the day cleaning dirty toilets,washing my semen infested loin cloth and cursing the cow who lives next door.


i downloaded a bunch of nukige, and after performing intense complicated CIA-level code-decryption ,i managed to install and play them.....only to be dissapointed by the artwork / shitty dialogues.


after all my efforts ,i gave in, got my GF out of the fridge, mixed her with orange juice and ice...made myself a nice cocktail......aaand i hated it.

i ended up drinking vodka from the bottle....2 bottles........oh god i need help

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