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  1. If anyone bothers to come here for whatever reason, im alive lol. I kind of grew out of reading vn's but i still think they're cool as fuck though. Im still a degenerate at heart lmao. Should have joined the og discord server when i had the chance but oh well. If any of the guys i talked to back then see this....sup

  2. This just keeps getting interesting and ill be waiting for that butt pic :^D lol
  3. Thanks for the add...

    but... TOOOOOO LAAAATE!!! why only now?!?!?

  4. http://www.troll.me/images/mah-nigga/mah-nigga.jpg I knew i liked Tits for sum reason lol
  5. Meh its just another stupid holiday for people to annoy you with (Maybe i should post this in the rage thread? )
  6. ............mind blown Baldr Sky plz~ Listen to Soren
  7. Exactly that shit dont work here it only makes it worse lol (Fak you Killer) Your only learning this now? Dam your guys evil influence! cmon this new era wont be that bad :V
  8. Fixed* Oh and thx Hyro for dat Sena pic Bam:
  9. Mmmmmm ................. Get your shit together already Futsuu
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