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1. You must count consecutively from the previous post (unless the previous post includes 21)

2. If you count the number 21, you must pick "truth" or "dare".

3. After someone has chosen truth or dare, you must ask them a question or ask them to do something (respectively).

4. After you are asked to do or say something, you must comply.

5. After you have complied, you may continue counting from 1 again.

6. You may not break the rules of the forums.

7. You may not dare someone to comply for more than 72 hours.

8. You may count multiple numbers in your post (with a maximum of 4).

* If you do not like a dare or truth or have a problem with responding, you may suggest an altercation.

** If two members cannot compromise on a dare or truth, you may refuse it or forfeit the game.

*** If you refuse a dare or truth, you must choose the alternate which will be given by another member.

**** You may not refuse twice.

***** As long as forum doesn't show that the post was edited, it counts (Means that person can give his question or dare first).

****** Minimum time limit is 30 minutes (applies if a dare was given w/o any time limit)

******* After you get to pick Truth or Dare, you cannot pick it again for the next 2 games.

******** You can post here only every 2nd minute to avoid spam brought by certain members.


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