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I am not sure if that has seeds xD ...


Funnily enough, I have this VN already, burned on a DVD :D It's one of those Silky's Sakura VNs with awesome art https://vndb.org/p4763 ... Anyways, I think it's NTR so it's not for everybody xD


x) true enough, theres a reason why i always say. is this it? because no guarantee to work.. but sometimes when i download no seeds it sometimes has, it turns out that nyaa, has big intervals before seed counts refresh in their site..

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Aww, the link you've given is broken, charlbeef... Seeing how this is NTR, I'm not sure if I still want to get this. Having mixed feelings and second thoughts about it, the art looks nice though.


yeah... the link although without seed back then, was still working... the site sukebei.nyaa.se one of the biggest if not the biggest anime related pirate site has been abolished a few months ago if iirc.


you can try mikocon a shot

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