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    After falling in love at first sight with the shy Sachi Usui, an injury-ridden, single-eyed high school girl, the protagonist tries to win over her lonely and isolated heart. A pure, heart-warming romance game where the apple of your eye only has one eye!

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    1. sweetqueer's Avatar
      sweetqueer -
      thanks for this one!
    1. Maoh's Avatar
      Maoh -
      I'm usually into the monster girl thing, but this one is creepy.
    1. GenjiChan's Avatar
      GenjiChan -
      Seriously, I though it was about a girl who lost one of her eyes in an accident. from looks of it, not only she has one eye, it's huge!!!! -_-v
    1. DragonBall89's Avatar
      DragonBall89 -
      this is one game i probably won't even bother to give it a try, i'm really not a fan of cyclops so this one is a pass for me, but i just wonder what happens if she receives a slap in the face, or to be more drastic maybe a football or even an elbow ?
    1. Fluffy's Avatar
      Fluffy -
      Hey, stop bullying her so much, how'd you like it if you were a cyclop?!
    1. Otaku-Sama's Avatar
      Otaku-Sama -
      I liked it, it had something to be desired in some aspects, but it wasn't bad.
    1. Yamaguchi Yuuki's Avatar
      Yamaguchi Yuuki -
      I kinda like it
      Sachi is cute (in personality)
      forget about her one and only eye, she is a girl I want to date
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      every monster girl is cute and needs love

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