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    The year is 1956; a series of bizarre murders rocks the city of Tokyo. Tokisaka Reiji, an ex-cop turned private eye, joins the investigation at the behest of his friend Uozumi Kyozo, a detective in the MPD. At the same time, he takes on a missing persons' case at a private all-girls high school, as well as a mysterious request from a girl named Toko to find her true self. As Reiji frantically struggles to crack the case, he learns that the murders bear an uncanny resemblance to a case in which his own fiancÚ was murdered six years ago. But try as he might, the body count just keeps rising...
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    1. netugi's Avatar
      netugi -
      Man, this VN is just so hard for me. I even tried a walkthrough, but I couldn't seem to get through this one route despite following it step by step (not sure what's going on there, but whatever). I may try this again, but the intense obsessing over that one route has left me mentally scarred, going through the route multiple times and making absolute sure I'm following the guide perfectly. It's such a good VN too... Mind you, I only did that one route. I may try a different one. The best ending I got was a neutral ending.

      If anyone can link to me a walkthrough that works, please do. I'm not skilled enough to go in commando. I tried that, and I failed horribly twice (those bad endings are fucking rough).
    1. strom's Avatar
      strom -
      I am not sure exactly what walkthrough you are using, but here is the MG forums for the VN, and also the walkthrough on TLWIKI: • View topic - Kara No Shoujo Walkthrough (Light Spoilers)

      Edit: I would read through the top post in the forum I linked you. Seems to have some tips for your playthrough.
    1. OneManArmy's Avatar
      OneManArmy -
      I finished KnS some weeks ago and used this walktrough : Kara no Shoujo – Walkthrough | Eroge Download.
    1. radiantmadness's Avatar
      radiantmadness -
    1. tchang's Avatar
      tchang -
      Came here after seeing this on GameFaqs top 10 horror visual novels list. Thanks.
    1. radiantmadness's Avatar
      radiantmadness -
      ^ good man!
    1. DarkSin's Avatar
      DarkSin -
      It had a good plot, art was very good(character art especially, some of the backgrounds felt a bit off) and the sound was nice(voices especially). That Azure Bird BG music was cleverly placed. H-scenes were way out of place, though.
      General Spoilers ahead:
      H-scenes aside, the VN had a realistic or “believable” feel to it. The protagonist was kinda old, but I guess it’s a nice change from the usual hot-headed teenage stereotype that is commonly used for eroge protagonists. The way he managed to keep his cool no matter what happened was understandable. First of all, he learnt his lesson when his wife was taken and he went crazy looking for her. Secondly, he’s been involved in brutal murder mysteries since then so we can assume he’s pretty used to death. Thirdly, he’s 30. He’s old enough to retain his calm in such situations. He did go a little nuts in one ending, though.
      The Yukari one.

      I didn’t get most of what Toko said. She talked like a philosopher, or a poet. It didn’t fit in with the semi-reality based atmosphere of the VN. I’ll just chalk it down as the over-dramaticness of a high school girl.
      I would have liked for there to be at least one truly good ending, though. The one ending which was somewhat better was the one in which they were able to recover Toko. But she probably won’t have much of a life after that.
      By the way, it seems like this guy just needs an excuse to have sex with school girls :S
    1. Daeverius's Avatar
      Daeverius -
      For those who finished the game and wanted to have GOOD HAPPY ending, go here: CD3 and CD4. Those are synopsis(english ones) for drama cds which came out after the game. They give us a happy ending with Toko safe and healthy.
    1. DarkSin's Avatar
      DarkSin -
      ^ That's actually really spoilerish.
    1. Yagami's Avatar
      Yagami -
      The official voice patch is released,please someone put it for donwload here e.e
    1. wren2012's Avatar
      wren2012 -
      so this is the uncensored version??? VNDB is way out of date... mangagamer has uncensored a lot of stuff previously scrambled up.
    1. napoleon's Avatar
      napoleon -
      DarkSin is right on everything about Kara no Shoujo.

      especially: (spoiler)the way, it seems like this guy just needs an excuse to have sex with school girls :S (/spoiler)
    1. Dio Brando's Avatar
      Dio Brando -
      so far, the best english localized Innocent Grey title , a must play for any VN enthusiastic !!
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