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  1. Dargoth changed his website to https://dargoth.com/, he also has an update on MGQ Paradox:
  2. I don't remember anybody mentioning this but on Staircasesubs website there is new info "Okay, we'll stop beating the dead horse. Everything will be released (WIP or otherwise) on 1/4/2016, as per Staircase release date tradition.". No idea if thats a troll or true but w/e.
  3. Update from Dargoth, he needs editors for MG Paradox.
  4. MGQ Paradox English Translation 1.21.18 HERE Also link to progress
  5. MGQ Paradox Translation Status Update from Dargoth
  6. Where the heck is my "Like" button when i need it.
  7. Isn't that like the biggest part of this game ? It sure felt like that for Koihime Musou . EIther way we are getting slowly there! Keep it up and thanks for doing this awesome job.
  8. MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a came out
  9. MGQ Paradox 1.20 came out, patch from Dargoth is on the way.
  10. If by anytime soon you mean this century than I think it is possible. But I might be a little too optimistic on that.
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