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  1. happy new year I wish you good health, can we join your discord channel again?:cool:


    I miss our conversation, I hope we can make it happen again soon :)

  2. i dont have account there and i lost link for discord channel also !!



    if there is room for me in your discord


    invitation also works!!!


    I could go back and ask for a link?

  3. man good choice for reading koihime musou the best vn for me i hope you like it also good luck :cool:

  4. nekonya dont worry man :cool: i have two tengu girls now i spend 6 000 000 gold for her i and was win one


    over 300 packs i buy it and the end is only 1 and they are two now :cool:

  5. thnaks alot man i really appreciate it :cool:

  6. thanks alot man i really appreciate it :cool:

  7. happy birthday :cool:

  8. happy birthday :cool:

  9. happy birthday :)

  10. eiyuu senki gold Eiyuu*Senki GOLD do you see it new updates i hope you to like it :cool:



  11. This torrent of yours is very slow speed to dwonload if you please upload this game in google drive or mega or its impossible to download it the torrent. Thnaks anyway

  12. Welcome to erogedownload i hope you enjoy it

  13. nice to meet you to no problem :cool:

  14. Moékuri: Adorable + Tactical SRPG do you played :cool:

  15. thanks for reminder for avatar friend:D

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