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  1. FYI, Sweet Pool is apparently finished, JAST is just trying to work out everything with Steam.
  2. Is "everything by Nitro+" cheating? Also, Sakura no Uta.
  3. Let's not forget the Yuri game that teaches people Esperanto.
  4. Not mentioning that Totono is 100% translated? I, like, had confirmation there from the woman translating it.
  5. Doddler's been testing it. It's...amusing, to say the least.
  6. I'd comment on Sweet Switch getting a release date, but it's an utterly generic nukige. There isn't anything to comment on.
  7. Oh, just remembered. The Madoka Magica mobage is doing quite well as well.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes worked as well. A Mobage needs 1. A wide and varied cast and/or 2. Some kind of mainstream backing (that's where idols come in).
  9. Muv Luv had a failed mobage as well. Companies need to realise that Fate had a very particular set of attributes that allowed it to succeed and stop trying to get a second wind.
  10. Shouldn't we include Uchikoshi's new work? It IS a VN.
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