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  1. Tried to use Compability mode... and this shows up...
  2. I installed the game as instructed, and after I apply the necessary cracks, when I pressed start.exe, a black window shows up for a few seconds then crashes back to the desktop....
  3. Strangely, the game keeps on crashing when I run start.exe...
  4. Can you give the spec of your PC?
  5. "To reach wider audiences." Oh lawl. It's a epic fail waiting to happen.
  6. It's actually the codec... I play Kamidori on my Home PC using the MoBo's on-board GPU. And it lags a bit. Try this: 1.) Unistall ALL Codecs on your PC. ALL OF IT! 2.) Download the latest CCCP Codec. 3.) Just install. And when prompted to reset some stuff. Do it. 4.) ??? 5.) Jammy Dodgers for everyone! Edit: If everything else fails, try buying a Sprite Card for your PC. Some of the latest Graphics Card/GPU focuses more on 3D games than the 2D ones...
  7. Where do you think I can DL Edelweiss since the other options are either obsolete or being taken down? (Tried to look for torrents but I sucked at it...)
  8. The links in that thread are dead...
  9. 10 for the Avatar... Because Gil is the King!
  10. I tried applying the Hybridweiss patch on Edelweiss (which I downloaded in ErogeDownload) But I get this error every time I start the game. How will I fix it?
  11. Can you guys use JumboFiles when uploading VNs?
  12. Good Lord... I want this.
  13. I really hope that d2b vs. DearDrops -Change the Future- gets a translation... It practically closes the Riho route...
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