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  1. I'm voting for Illya. Mayadere loli FTW. *Tohsaka Rin with a modern gaming console.* Which alternate dimension did Zeltrech get this one from that she knows how to use technology? Edit: LOL, I just got to the Ogre Quiz part on F/HA (some omake, not spoiler-tag worthy), and seeing all the responses to this thread and the joke Night Quiz questions, poor Taiga never gets a break...
  2. Wait, what? d2b VS DEARDROPS got released? Those two OVERDRIVE titles weren't so great plotwise, but I loved the music (their more upbeat tracks made their way into my get-psyched playlist while the mellower ones like those from the Kira☆Kira fandisc are on my driving playlist), so I guess I'll buy this one from my next paycheck. MG doesn't bill your Paypal with "18+ Adult Porn Smut Erotica Game Containing Nude Females Of Questionable Age" right?
  3. Yup, pretty much. But it's enjoyable. If you liked the first one, you'd like the second. There's a bunch of easter eggs and there's still Sakura (yay!). Some heroines are just a copy-and-paste from the first one but they're unique enough for you to enjoy and to spend time reading. Basically, if you've read part 1 and liked it, read part 2.
  4. Eh, I appreciated Clannad more than Canvas 2 simply because I can play it on fullscreen without issue.. As to the original question, DC:IF didn't feel as sad since I still get the feeling everything will turn up fine. I dunno, whenever Sakura shows up, she kinda has a soothing effect to me (and not just because she's a loli). Clannad, IMO successfully projects bleakness and hopelessness in those scenes that you end up cursing the world for its cruelty. Fuko doesn't really quite alleviate the sadness, but she'll do as a ninja. It's the magic factor, I guess. In one, it's prevalent while
  5. ^ Combining hamhands sprite with the new ones.... eugh.... It's a bit disturbing....
  6. DC3 is pretty slow. Surprised to see Eden already on QC phase even though it was announced pretty recently. Must have been already worked on even before MG's announcement.
  7. I'm only reading this for Caramelldansen nostalgia when it comes out, although I know that the song was pretty much unrelated to the VN until much later...
  8. Not in the mood to start reading a new manga series, too many ongoing ones I'm keeping track of. (Nisekoi, Utsuho, Yamada and 7 Witches (Yankee-kun to Megane-chan's ending was SHIT though), Akame ga Kill, Fuuka and Nanatsu no Taizai are a few off the top of my head). OEL webcomics however, are pretty nice for casual reading. Following Chosen (same author as Insert Life Here), Questionable Content, XKCD and Dumbing of Age..
  9. So much for optimism. Welp, waiting wouldn't hurt, already got the raw anyway.
  10. It's here if you want to be an F5 whore like a few of us here (namely me) No Kagome route yet on the one uploaded but it'll come in a few hours, hopefully not more than 24.
  11. Is this the correct raw for Comyu? http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=322321 I can't find raw copies with decent seeds, most of the ones I found are copies of the partially pre-patched version from Fuwa.
  12. Comyu almost done! Now to change the countdown to Rewrite FD. I demand satisfaction via afterstories!
  13. That 60's and 70's rock. I sorely miss my guitar, I want to take a crack at You Really Got Me's solo, but I don't think I can even do Smoke In The Water's shitty riff anymore to save my life.
  14. It's a weird thing. The protagonist is a trap and the heroines are traps. Yuri on the surface but Yaoi deep inside. A trap through and through. Obligatory: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs4/i/2004/220/f/c/Admiral_Ackbar_Portrait.jpg
  15. Playing Shogun Total War 2 at the moment. Wanted to try playing as Takeda and see how things would have turned out if cavalry was used more effectively against Tanegashima units. As a Japanophile, I've gotten hooked to Sengoku and Bakumatsu-era stuff. Other installed non-ero games at the moment are Tropico 5 (lags a lot). Dark Souls 2 (offline only), Enemy Front, Agarest, Agarest Zero, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Vietnam with various mods. Oh and FF3's remake. Taking my sweet, sweet time with it.
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