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  1. not badass , but very charming!1 i hope i see more animation like it
  2. *note: this is a review of an untranslated game by ryu over at https://www.guilded.gg/r/zzJjMr7opR?i=40a1PlRd Today I plan to go down the list of games in my backlog and write a short impression on each, giving screenshots and link to the game. I'll prioritize the games with no real English translation yet. I been reviewing games for 30 days straight so far, playing a game a day. But I'll try to make it more about Quality over Quantity on this server. P.S If you are also learning japanese I'll rate every game's reading difficulty. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/p
  3. https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/gyaruzuma-sex-hoka-no-otoko-ni-inwai-houshi-suru-ai-suru-tsuma-r1226/ https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/tsuma-no-niku-ana-ni-homestay-suru-macho-ryuugakusei-r1282/ https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/lendable-wife-mayumis-cuckolding-report-r1104/ and sequel https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/mayumis-cuckolding-report-2-r1148/ https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/please-bang-my-wife-r765/ and sequel https://erogegames.com/downloads/eroge/my-dear-wife-mariko’s-report-r1405/ any games from this great western ntr dev https://
  4. you can get it here https://mega.nz/file/AQp0jCqJ#lX1xVPs2AdwHLVQqr-mcj6oTk0htVZElF3IU7MRt3Kk @Ivan should uplaod it too!!
  5. just want to recommend this developer ! you can find them on https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/circle/profile/=/maker_id/RG15500.html their games are made in rpg maker, and have a lot of tentacles. i dont even like tentacles yet i still find their games (lily knight saga, naedoko, gemini fort) lots of fun. the dev write quirky comedy, good character interactions, and amazing story in all games they did. decent gameplay that make you feel like you are journeying on a an epic adventure (lily knight) or a tag team solving a mysterious phenomenom (gemini fort). the music is fitting too to
  6. i have some feedback as well -vndb links are really cool but some entries on here are still mising official links, so i suggest adding their steam or dlsite links too when vndb is not available -ability to delete posts in the forum and shouts in the sb thanks!
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