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  1. daaaaan, thank you for finally coming back. when you get back again, clear your DMs and let me send you an invite to our discord server and join us <3

  2. one day you will come back dan, and when you do pls join our discord server.



  3. Thanks kn. I was hoping for some nude Mugi, but that is a lovely picture too (my favorite Little Busters <3 ).


    The neko reigns supreme another year. Lets hope for another 1,000 more to come for me.

  4. Thank you Kurisu. You should really read the visual novel though, the anime is complete trash. The sequel comes out this month (ps4 only though). shit looks so hype.


    For praising the neko I will return you the reward of the site. Here you go: https://rabb.it/


    Keep the neko in your heart and you will be guided to happiness.

  5. Overwatch and League really aren't the same game tho. But both are pretty competitive, I suppose. Idk I never got into league but Overwatch is fun af.


    Go get a job so you can buy a ps4 =<


    I still don't have my driver's license either if that makes you feel better. I should be taking my test in a week or so tho, so lets praise the neko for the best results.


    K-on always deserves to be first tbh.



  6. If you love the neko then they will reward you properly. Remember a praise a day keeps the doctor away.


    I'm sure you replayed it so much because of how much you love the k-on <3


    btw you should buy a ps4 and get Overwatch. join in the hype

  7. I think im around chapter 80 or 90 in Oyasumi. Its pretty good, its always funny af. I need to finish it soon but im so lazy ;_;

  8. Just remembered that I forgot to respond to you. 5 hours isn't that much time, I'm sure you'd have a free day sometime to do a 5 hour marathon ;O


    I hope you like it once you get the chance to play it. It's got some good feels and the soundtrack is lovely.

  9. i always knew you were part of the illuminutty.


    I'm glad you're getting addicted, vn's are great. You should download True Remembrance. Its short enough where you could read it in one sitting if you had enough time (like 5 hours).

  10. Thanks for the kawaii-samas. Haven't started on Neko Para vol 2 yet. Busy playing two other vns right now, so I wanna finish one up (esp before the march vn starts) before adding anything new.

  11. Happy Birthday kn. I hope your day is filled with many memories of nekos and k-on



  12. Yeah, p much everyone skips the VA. As soon as I read the line I click to the next one. If you don't do that it takes forever to read. Noble Works has an option for the voice to keep playing after you clicked to the next line, so you don't really miss the entire line. Most people turn that on.


    I am the neko-sama so that tag makes sense.

  13. You gotta read FAST kn. You got a whole month so if you keep that pace every day you should be good.


    And you know Nee-san is best waifu (in noble works).

  14. happy birthday <3

  15. My eyes are beautiful :*(


    Mio is a slut btw. Im p sure that list was for worst girls, although itd be wrong because mio is top worst girl

  16. My screen resolution is 1920 x 1080, which seems to be standard nowadays? Idk, it looks nice to me.


    And I noticed it so therefor its not trash, right <3


    you loved that yuri too, don't lie.

  17. Nekos and moe are the two most important aspects of life though.


    I like the show tho, its high paced randomness is amazing. They even had K-on appear in the show http://i.imgur.com/ytNuqPb.jpg


    Btw, I'm not sure what is wrong with my list? Your view seems to be off compared to mine but outside of that everything seems fine?



  18. I see you're watching Teekyuu, but you've only given the series a 5 every season. The show is pretty amazing tbh http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-rYS-eaPsuYY/VSNiD7vdOaI/AAAAAAAAAik/6bcqWRIDGzs/s1600/1352088228257.png

  19. I had no idea who the person was until I saw she did a LP of that game. Other people in the shoutbox knew her so i figured you might too.


    Taromaru aint even close to a cat.

  20. Oh, I see it now. Very kawaii indeed <3


    And your neko senses told you it was my birthday today, thus you coming back today. Let the neko flow through you.


    On a side note, did you see Dodger did a lets play of that vn I worked on? Already over 60,000 views

  21. I am only twenty. I thought you were younger than me too. Thank you for the kawaii nekos though <3

  22. You've wished me a happy birthday 4 years in a row and it seems I haven't thanked you for them : ( I didn't forget this year though! Thank you! I hope you're having a wonderful day <3

  23. rahrah

    Thank you Rin. Keep up the hard work!

  24. It looks like you've grown a neko instinct of your own. You've come far thus far kn.


    Thank you for the birthday wishes. The picture seems to be broken so I can't see it, but I imagine it is a very kawaii picture of Mugi <3

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