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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!~~

  2. Back in Aselia your characters had a level cap for each level of difficulty and you could carry them over between games. For example, in easy difficulty, the level cap was 30, on medium it was 60 and on hard it was 90 if I'm not mistaken. I'm assuming that Seinarukana is probably something like that too.
  3. Seinarukana routes work in a point based system.Basically, choosing a heroine's option will give you +1 point with her, after a certain point, the heroine that has more points will be the route you'll be locked onto. Quoting from a forum, the things that have influence over points: "You get affection points for the girls if: You choose their option in ADV mode (+1) They get the MVP while they're in Nozomu's party (+1) They fight the Boss while in Nozomu's party (+1) You choose a girl in the Izumo shrine sub-path (+2)"
  4. First of all: Tomboy is best grill, always. I finished Shogi bitch route, Tomboy route and the secret route, and to be honest, it's exactly what you'd expect of a moege, it's pretty bland and got a lots of girls trying to be cute and appeal to different people = Wish the game was more focused on the comedy to be honest, kinda like Little Busters, it'd be much better then.
  5. Chisato is the main heroine right?I played her route when the partial patch was a thing a long time ago.Makes me sad that I shouldn't expect anything more from the other heroines =
  6. hasn't it been almost 10 years since JAST picked up seinarukana already?Still waiting over here...
  7. Is fate/extra ccc a sequel to fate/extra or is it the same game with extra stuff?
  8. Weird, I own an Acer notebook and I played Konosora in it just fine....
  9. HB... or is this a lie... can't seem to trust you.

  10. Happy birthday!

    (Decided to go on today after some weeks offline and somehow just in time to write this xD)

  11. Happy birthday soren <3

  12. ty ill message him but he will probably want it for not what I want

  13. This guy said he wanted to buy your acc on f/go, I told him you'd mail him back: [email protected]

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!!!~~~!~!!!

  15. Happy Birthday Soren, have a good one commoner :)

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