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  1. Anybody know where can i download this it's very old an for PlayStation 1 btw does it have English patch ?
  2. Who is the heroine ?
  3. Anyone know where i can download princess maker 4 i have a torrent from tpb but it is downloading 4 kb/s ?
  4. I just finished her route and everybody was like oh you are f*****g your twin sister want some tea ?
  5. I didn't even plan to play it so i don't care
  6. I don't dare say this but i rarely play an eroge with music(nowadays) i need to buy headphones (i am lazy ) because if somebody heard anything Japanese they would be like WTF ???
  7. Man, sometimes I want to beat the shit out of everybody I mean I just look at my friends and see how selfish and shallow they are pretending to be all nice and friendly and I just want to get a hammer and beat the shit out of them.
  8. Is this still being translated or not Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de ?
  9. Ha ha ha 43 euros that is almost 1/3 of a monthly wage in my country
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