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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9xjMIkZlBA
  2. Fenrir


    mmm then I´ll wait some episodes pile up to start seeing it.
  3. Fenrir


    so accel world + Bomberman xD might give it a try.
  4. mmmm a lot I think: Immortal Regis/cavalier of the abyss buts its really good I recommend it one of the best draws i ever seen since mizuki kawashita, also sekirei, cage of eden, neon genesis evangelion, naruto, sora no otoshimono and vampire + rosario second season.
  5. Nah I can’t draw XD but I love horo

  6. Did you draw that yourself?

  7. well we have 3 person so far anyone else is interested? BTW I can play all the roles but ADC I dont like it to much hehe
  8. hey i got an idea I want to make a ranked team, I'm just getting tired of solo queue and want to try a more cooperative way of playing. my summoners name is fenrihr Fenrihr - North America - Summoners - League of Legends Statistics - lolking.net
  9. Yeah thats true 90% of new animes are just for killing boredom and the other 10% are the ones that really mean something.
  10. Well I just wanted to share the chart and say that I excited for the evangelion movie hehehe XD. Also I interested to see little busters anime did not played the game but I love key animes and that anime "k" picked my curiosity. http://bestanimeseason.com/series_images/Fall2012v1.png
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