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    Well, the title says it all really. Actually, why have I created this group? I think I'm just bored. Oh well. Don't forget to take part in group discussions if you want.
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    A flat chest is fine, too! We are friends with the Lolidom
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    Lolism is our religion. Devoted to flat, and flat only. And we are friends with the Lolicon Club.
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    We love visual novels, this group involves talking about visual novels. Join to discuss with fellow visual novel enthusiasts.
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    The club for those of us who are wiling to put up with the cold hard shell of a tsundere long enough to get at the sweet girl inside. But it's not like I want you to join! Baka!
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    Just for people that like the Villains or Antagonists( or the occasional villainous Protagonist) more then Heroes and Regular Protagonists. Simple right?
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    Its time to rise and kill all those NTR's bitch!! let rain of fire burn them down~
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