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Lolism is our religion. Devoted to flat, and flat only. And we are friends with the Lolicon Club.
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  2. Actually, yes, a bunch of them well they tease me about it and calling pedo once in a while, but i know they just joking around and know that i dont actually like or have guts to attack a child in real life It just depend on how close you are with your friend and how you explain to them whether as a joke or something to make them understand, they get used to it Hell, my gay friend has it much worse than me especially if he want to sit with other guy beside him at a food court.
  3. No, just like most of us, i don't want to be label pedo. I try to explain it to my friends once, but since they are not really interested in anime and such, they apply logic to it.
  4. No they don't. I don't really want to be labelled as pedophile. though, I do want to make my fantasies known. But society isn't that easy to understand the complex thoughts of us Otakus. Guess that's about it. Besides, keeping it a secret doesn't hurt. It's actually a little exiciting.
  5. nope not really though I tend to be anti social and spend my time on the computer lol
  6. agreed ps i also love all lolis but flat is the best! flat is the best!
  7. yea all my friends and family know at first they were player hating but when i explained it to them they took it quite well i then played off there apologies and got about 26 dollars to make amends for being mean ah the perks of being a loli fan the only problem is when my friends talk about breast size there like look there huge! then ask me what i think and then they remember and insult me but i then i just remind them that my girlfriends may have all been and will all be lolis but at least i have!!! then i just leave
  8. @loli lover Not bad man.
  9. Hentai List « .: Hentai2reaD - Enjoy a huge collection of hentai, ecchi manga for free :.
  10. *turtle tears have been shed for yachi's friend* BUILD F %*& STATUE FOR THAT GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Most if not all of my friends know...they troll me by calling me a pedo but my one friend always defends me saying "ITS NOT THE SAME THING!!!". It always makes me laugh.
  12. I think is best people don't know because i don´t want be labeled "pedophile", some people misunderstand these things. So it's my little dark secret.
  13. A couple of my friends know but that's about it, what about you?
  14. let's assimiliate as many people as possible to become lolicon bwahahahaha:rolleyes:
  15. Because, WE NEED MOAR!! like, more pics to * on.
  16. I'm new to this group and I thought I'd start with some nice contribution. https://rapidshare.com/#!download|253tl5|3101880167|fresh_loli-su-68fb223fc9570502440e3136af1f9cf6.jpg|43|R~0|512|384|RapidPro expired. (34fa3175)
  17. YEAH! foreach( loli pool in lolidom) while(me.isAlive) swim();
  18. http://i1165.photobucket.com/albums/q600/KuroFylian/lolisu71191.jpg Here is the one I found
  19. Thanks for the site, though I too am against 3d loli -_-
  20. http://www.loli.su/data/thumbnails/96/fresh_loli-su-2c0cdece1c30444d2c5453b3230eb774.jpg
  21. The 3D was kind of just there when I opened the site....Still a pervert in societies eyes...ToT
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