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A flat chest is fine, too! We are friends with the Lolidom
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  2. I adore so many lolis, you know... Here some of my precious favorites: - Saya, from Mitama no Yuki - Sonya, from Harukoi Otome - Shizuka, from Maimu And, obviously, Hina, from Pure Doll (look at my Avatar and Sign... ) Saya http://i.imgur.com/wD4tTme.jpg Sonya http://i.imgur.com/g0LkYds.jpg Shizuka http://i.imgur.com/T0XiK3M.png Hina http://i.imgur.com/TgZ7Gsg.jpg
  3. I love the tsundere imouto type, but also the innocent ones. Lolis are always so cuute! And big breast it is not an option: all lolis must have a flat chest!
  4. all loli are good for me except the "too" big chest one -_- cause i like "it" small XD~
  5. I could never get tired of hearing "onii-chan" from an energetic loli, but i also like the tsundere types because i like playing the game hard to get.. But I dont like big breasted lolis.
  6. i agree with harkoz oh and your type sounds like taiga from toradora shes a tsunundere and she beats the shit out of the protag in like every episode
  7. as long as they are underaged and look cute im all good
  8. Okay, officially, Loli's with big boobs are called "Oppai Loli". Secondly, I like all loli's. Every single archetype.
  9. Thanks for your contribution!
  10. Never played it before, or heard of it. And and why and I answering a post from a long while ago?
  11. Hentai List « .: Hentai2reaD - Enjoy a huge collection of hentai, ecchi manga for free :.
  12. defenitely kureha from onigokko , though have not played her route , i really love her , she got me at first sight
  13. Little sisters aren't bad to me, but sometimes hearing "Onii-chan" gets a little tiring. That's just me though.
  14. So do any of you have a favorite loli or lolis? Then post them here, hell even add a picture too if you want! They can be from anywhere, whether it's from a eroge, video game, VN, anime, manga, etc. Maybe you'll find some people who shares the same kind of lolis as you. Two of my favorites lolis that come to mind are Illiya from F/SN and Len from Kagetsu Tohya (which is related to Tsukihime). I have some other favorites but those are the only ones I can remember well lol.
  15. I agree, little sister types are the best.
  16. hmm... stoic type loli maybe?? they small, cute and loveable
  17. Well I have no idea what my favorite loli is... so instead I'll just go with whatever type of loli Illiya is when she's not trying to kill you.
  18. Tsundere loli; Too much love can be a bad thing
  19. Yup yup! Same here, love the tsundere imouto type! Although the innocent imouto does it for me as well. In the end I like them all!
  20. Tsundere imouto is good for me +1 if she hit you and said Onii chan no bakaaaaa!
  21. I like the deredere loli imouto, flat-chested of course
  22. I like all lolis glory to the loli, but yea big bust on a loli is very odd though sometimes it may fit a little as long as it does not look too unbelievable.
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