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  1. here the full IMG the left charaters are from the cast of "onegai twins while the right are from R.O.D
  2. someone released a partial patch for Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo that cover the prologue and the UI =O thought it is from finnish to english
  3. maybe they will release the 18+ ver in latter times like for grisaia.....maybe after you know like 1 years,....you know jast
  4. shouldn't Heartful Kareshi ~Kibou no Gakuen to Shiroi Tsubasa~ this be in this list too......tecnicaly it's a visual novel
  5. euphoria....aka the game where you can mess up beatrice =D
  6. i tried to look for freegate and ultrasurf but all i found are blocked site can someone give me a not blocked link?
  7. day 9 it's been 9 days since i departed from my beloved contry to this contry of censorship and rice,9 days of unfortunate futile tentative to bypass this censorship nor free vpn or proxy are avaiable here,without talking about the fact that i have to use the retarded brother of google ....yahooo because they block google everytime people talk shit about them for some time i began to pray to gain access to some site but it was all in vain,some said that i was praying to the wrong god and that i should try buddha or some local god but after 2 night of praying on every god i know still no mi
  8. you should find a proxy or vpn to bypass the firewall and when you find one give me the link i need one too Q.Q fuck you china censorship,there still 3 weeks till i can go back to my sweet home Q.Q please i'm desperated,i hate this censorship,i miss my freedom,i want to go back my sweet home everynight i cry in a coner of this room for the lack of freedom on the web in this part of the globe i'm even begin to pray to bypass this fucking censorship if it didn't work the next thing i will try it would human sacrifice HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE
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