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  1. theonewhoknows I really enjoy this so far it tingles my nerd genes
  2. I've played wow for god knows how many years gw/aion/rift and swtor(which is complete shit) I plan on hitting up gw2
  3. Marauder Shields the one true hero
  4. ntr dont know when I started liking it but it has been added to my list of fetishes
  5. the following argument was laid out by a user known as Unigolyn while responding to Ben Kuchera's article rebuffing the fan base on penny arcade Unigolyn sums it up almost perfectly. DEUS EX MACHINA: You're getting your literary devices mixed up. The Crucible is not deus ex machina, it is a MacGuffin. It's largely irrelevant except as a plot device. It is the exhaust port on the Death Star. The narrative of ME3 is not about finding the Crucible, it is about building the greatest alliance ever seen in the galaxy (which the Crucible, as a plot device, allows to happen).
  6. should probably go ahead and put ****SPOILERS**** in the title now lol sorry about that
  7. everyone would but I honestly think BW did unintentionally give us a middle finger and wont apologize/correct it another thing about the VI it was stated that in the Javik dlc many sleeper cell agents of the reapers sabotaged them before they could finish the crucible so it is safe to say the protheans didn't have a sure fire way of proving indoctrination
  8. ok well the whole bw fanboy thing doesn't really apply here considering its basically fans of the ME franchise who where emotionally invested in the game coming to together to try and make sense of what was a very exilerating ride that crashed and burned at the end (almost everyone agrees the ending was bad) I really wish I could show you the indoctrination theory thread but I'm not having any luck in that regard but everything you said/asked was answered in that thread but I'll try my best to give you answers first the VI on the Asari HW/CB at that point Shepard wasn't fully indoctrinated
  9. ok it would seem you haven't read the indoctrination theory on the BW forums so instead of typing everything out for you I shall link you to some stuff that makes alot of sense if you just read/watch it Mass Effect 3 - Shepard's Indoctrination - YouTube Choose Language | BioWare Social Network I cant seem to find the thread about the theory which is surprising but the video is good enough for now I'll edit the post if I do find the thread music which is pretty convenient lol Wintersun - Starchild (+ Lyrics) - YouTube
  10. I'll be going this route if its not free unless it has substantial content
  11. so it will seem bioware are huge trolls and going to release a dlc called the truth which basically shows how Shepard was becoming indoctrinated which makes sense if you read all theory's about it on the forums lol whatever idk I'll believe it when I see it
  12. ugh sorry that I keep double posting but just found this video and no truer words have been spoken
  13. same thing with swtor they rushed it since it was Christmas and released a game missing tons of features and bugged all to hell pretty sure EA is leaning on them to do this and make as much money as possible I mean just look at the dlc for the first day of mass effect 3 release who does that?
  14. Its very different serawi's route was pretty freaking good imo be careful if you do emlitta's route make sure you see all of her events in town cause if not can mess your end game for ng+ up
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