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  1. Kaguya nice to meet ya hope you have fun!! If you have any questions yell up in shout box . They put up with me so you should be safe lol
  2. Sega rushed Rome total war also dang game is buggy as heck i heard some people working on it say they wanted another year at least before release
  3. I was born and raised in the USA and never had to learn any other language, I'm older so I don't know if that has changed since the late 80's to mid 90's. I took french when I was in 3rd grade but it was not a required class, it was more for fun. I don't recall any of the french I learned then so there ya go. After that I never took any class's for language, wish I had though (not that it was a option after I changed schools). My son is now in high school and has not learned any language other than English. School did not teach me shit, guess you need money and a private school...
  4. Hi there welcome Im new here also TheDimmLight I would recommend fate/zero for a good series to watch and a page or 3 back is a great list I got when I joined. Hope ya enjoy!!
  5. Well that gives me a lot to work with thanks for the warm welcome look forward to a long life here thanks all
  6. OK Thanks, a lot of stuff to look into thx very much! I have read fate/stay night, and ever17 liked them both very much and I have now got the Muv-Luv's In order thx for that and now Im looking into Legend of the Galactic Heroes looks good found a place I could watch 100+ episodes with english subs so Im going to watch them. Been wanting a good show THX THX THX , I figure 3 or so a day should keep me busy for some time. I also picked up clannad but with this list I got now may be some time before I Even touch that . P.S And yeah I see what ya did there lol I'm all Keyed in I got everyth
  7. Ok well Im new to the VN world and really glad I found these books/games My name Is Jeff Im 35 from Illinois USA, right now Im playing Sekien no Inganock and really like the story alot. I found this site by mistake ( yay lol ) I am a painter / full time Dad . Anyways Eroge or whatever its called not a big thing here in the state's sadly so Im really glad I found this site . I would have to say some of the ones I have played that I like the most Are: Swan Song, Sengoku Rance, Sekien no Inganock and a few more i cant recall the names of Im really new to this scene so Any advice on any English
  8. Coolhandluke8b

    Swan Song

    This was my First VN , this one really got me into a whole new world i never new about Being in the USA never heard of this found it by mistake ( best mistake ever ) Anyways I say this one is a Must , not alot of pictures and the H stuff is not a lot but the Story really gets you into it and you just cant stop reading it. First Time I ever got moved to tears ect... from a story . Give it a shot !!!
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