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About Me

  1. i've been searching in others pirates site to no avail, hope someone kindly donate here, much appreciate it! steam link : My Vow to My Liege on Steam
  2. I request upload of My Creampie Heaven visual novel by Cherry Kiss Games. Steam link: My Creampie Heaven
  3. Anyone have this? Thanks!
  4. Release date: 2019-06-13 VNDB: Yumeutsutsu Re:Master Steam: Yumeutsutsu Re:Master / 夢現Re:Master on Steam It only has the Japanese release in steam. I would love to play it if possible.
  5. I'd like to request Snowed IN, a yuri VN on steam. Welcome to Steam
  6. So recent Downloaded the game Steam Prison from the main website. As you can see from the screen shot i have attached the game refuses to load properly. The icon shows when launched but the actual game itself goes in the background and the you have to force it to the front in order to actually see the screen which ends with it crashing and going unresponsive. Apparently there are some other people that are experiencing this issue as well as myself so i figured id see if we can get some help resolving this matter. I have made sure all my system setting are up to par with the system requ
  7. Is the steam version of the game an eroge as well?
  8. Just recently released yesterday in Steam
  9. Steam Prison Just released on MangaGamer. Would love to play it. Thank you very much.
  10. Just came out a couple days ago on steam, seemed like a cute game.
  11. Hi, I would like to request the Steam Edition of Shuffle. Thank you!
  12. Well it's already mentioned at tittle. Anyone know where i can download the Patch for this game ? Already bought the steam version, but i don't want to buy the patch
  13. I believe it's released on Nutaku now just not on Steam yet(I can't believe a game called 'Futanari Quest' is going to be on steam o___o ) I'm guessing I'll see it soon on here anyway even if I didn't request it but I might as well do so just in case.
  14. What I mean is, is there a way to take the files of games we downloaded on Eroge games and put them in our steam files to make Steam think we bought the game? I was curious because I see many of the files with steam related things in them still and also if it was possible, I would like to get the achievements that are only exclusive to Steam. I hope that makes sense. Any ideas?
  15. Steam Blog :: Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store? Surprise surprise! I thought this one deserve its own thread, so I made one. What do you guys think?
  16. As a steam user this really hit me hard. I only know steam to buy VN or adult RPG game ( forgot what it's called). So is it true there will be no more VN in steam ? Someone please explain gaben new policy
  17. Hiya, just wondering if someone would be able to link/post the 18+ patches for Corona Blossom Vol. 1, 2, and 3. Thanks!
  18. Steam VNDB It is all ages, but I have heard lots of praises regarding it from people who read it in Japanese. Would love to get the game here. And most steam releases only require the steam files dump and then use steamemu to run it.
  19. Ascendant Hearts Has Released on Steam | LewdGamer Out on Steam with NSFW patch on website.
  20. VNDB Steam Seems a pretty obvious request page but couldn't find it. It seems to have the main game in steam and a separate 18+ patch. Releasing today in steam supposedly. I have heard the people who kickstarted it, already got the 18+ patch.
  21. I knew that it's still not released yet, but it's only two days anyway until the release. So I would request admin here to upload Dies Irae Steam version if possible later (If not it's okay then). Sorry, and thanks in advance.
  22. Came out today on Steam.
  23. This may be considered a weird and stupid question, but I wanted to know if some of the VN's that are 18+ also include an uncensored version? I know I have played some games where they let you pick the mature version or all ages version. For example I wanted to know if game like Nekopara or Princess Evangeline come with an all ages version, or do I just have to pay money and rely on steam for that? =w=;;
  24. I know there is an English Patched version but with changing locale and the voice being out of sync with the text, is the steam one around somewhere?
  25. vnero


    Steam VNDB Best game of all time has come out on steam.
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